Meaning of Phishing

what is Phishing:

Phishing refers to the capture of personal data carried out unlawful or fraudulent manner via the internet. It is a word of English which originates from its homophonous “fishing”, which means ‘fishing’, in allusion to the aim of phishing: fishing data, see “who bites the bait”. Phishing is executed by a phisher or ‘fisherman’.

Phishing is a social engineering technique that uses the massive sending of emails spam on behalf of a Bank, with the purpose of obtaining personal and financial data (mainly those associated with access keys), or redirect users to a fake web page of the institution where they have to deposit their data.

As characteristic features, phishing emails typically ask the user, as a matter of urgency, confirmation or shipment of certain information under the pretext of technical problems, changes in security policy, detection of fraud, promotions or contests.

Meaning of Phishing 1

Can even incorporate the coercive formula that if the user take the action requested immediately, your card or account will be locked.

The purpose of phishing is to use the information collected to make internet purchases, bank transfers or cash withdrawals on behalf of the victim of the fraud.

Currently, there are companies that have developed software anti-phishing which basically provides more reliable email spam filters and draw attention to any irregularity.

As such, phishing is computer fraud, and is stipulated as crime of identity theft. Some countries of Latin America, such as Argentina, already advanced in the creation of bills to define phishing and punish you.

Meaning of Phishing 2

Phishing and pharming

Phishing can avail themselves of pharming, which is to redirect the user from the domain of a web of trust to another identical false, from which steal your personal and financial information.

Spear phishing

The spear phishing (which translates, literally, ‘Harpoon fishing’) is a more efficient variant of phishing where phishers have managed to determine, subject to submission of the email, which are users that relate to a particular financial institution. This considerably increases the margin of success in fraud.


Meaning of Phishing 3

Smishing or SMiShing is a variant of phishing that involves the use of instant messaging SMS (then incorporating their initials in the name) in the mobile phone, using the identity of a banking institution or person of confidence, to capture personal or financial information.