Meaning of Planning

what is the planning:

Planning is the action and effect of the plan or schedule. Similar as planning or planning concepts are also used. It is the process and outcome of planning a simple or complex task taking into account internal and external factors aimed at obtaining one or more objectives.

The concept of planning is used in various field as in the world of enterprise, politics, economics or education. This term is used in some countries of Latin America, especially in Mexico.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is the analysis and formulation of plans at the strategic level of an organization to achieve goals. Plan or a strategic plan requires to make an analysis of the context and other elements such as the resources necessary to achieve established goals.

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Strategic planning is a step prior to the implementation of programs and brand guidelines for action. Given that it is, in a sense, in a way of forecasting, strategic planning can also contain different options or models applicable strategic depending on circumstances are detected.

Educational planning

Educational planning is the study, identification and establishment of guidelines to develop an educational program. Planning involves the analysis of various elements of the educational reality as the objectives, content, methodology, the moral and civic education, human resources and materials and evaluation.

Educational planning is carried out at different levels, for example at the institutional level or at the level of classroom. She uses different areas such as education, psychology and Economics expertise.

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Human resources planning

Human resources planning is the process of planning the human resources in an organization to achieve established goals and objectives. In this sense, a proper planning accurate analyze and identify reality and existing needs.

Human resources planning focuses primarily the number of people requiring an organization in the future to develop its activities effectively and efficiently. In this way, planning also affect other elements such as the training and capabilities of workers.

Financial planning

Financial planning is the identification, planning and forecast both at the strategic level as the economic reality of an organization operating. It includes projections or forecasts of a financial nature and provides useful information for strategic decisions. In the development of a financial plan are used, among others, economic elements and contabilisticos.

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