Meaning of Power

what is power:

Power, coming from the latin potentĭa (‘power’, ‘ force’) has several uses and Bridgat in different fields like physics, mathematics and philosophy. Generically is the capacity or ability to carry out or trigger something. Power is also a person, an entity, State or nation that has a great influence, strength or power.

Power in physics

In physical

, power is the amount of work (force or energy applied to a body) in a unit of time. He is expressed with the symbol ‘P’ and is usually measured in wattage or watts (W) and equivalent to 1 joule per second. A formula to calculate the power is P = T / t, where T’ is equivalent to ‘work’ (in joules) and ‘t’ is the ‘time’ (in seconds).

Meaning of Power 1

Electric power

Power is the amount of energy that emits or absorbs a body in a unit of time. The measurement of the electric power consumption of a household electrical device in kilowatts per hour (kWh).

Reactive power is a type of electrical power that appears in installations of alternating current, associated with the generation of magnetic fields and dissipated by the reactive loads (coils and capacitors). It is represented with the letter ‘Q’ and the unit of measurement that is often used is the volt-ampere reactive (VAr).

Mechanical power

The mechanical power is the amount of force applied to a body in relation to the speed with which it is applied. One of the formulas for finding it is: P = F · v. Therefore, multiplies the force (F) expressed in newtons (N) by the speed (v) expressed in meters per second (m/s).

Meaning of Power 2

Power in mathematics

Power is a mathematical expression that indicates the multiplication of a number by itself as many times as indicated by the exponent. Power is represented as a small number written on the right and top accompanying a (base) number.

An example of power is 72. The number ‘7’ is the basis and the ‘2’ is the exponent (also called index or simply power). This power is equivalent to the multiplication of 7 x 7.

Power in philosophy

The concept of ‘power’ is one of the objects of study of philosophy. Aristotelian philosophy defines this term as the ‘capacity to be’ in the future, as opposed to the concept of ‘Act’.

Meaning of Power 3

In philosophy is also speaks of power of the soul to refer to a faculty or capacity of the soul. According to some positions, are considered three powers of the soul (memory, understanding and will) that allow human beings to remember, know and love, respectively.