Meaning of Script

what is Script:

Is known as a script to a text that consists of a series of instructions that must follow the individuals that form part of a piece of theatre, film, or television program. Similarly, as script identifies the person who is responsible for assist the director during the filming of a movie, in order to record all the details of the scenes is taking.

Script is a text written in detail for the actors and presenters, which contains detailed information about the show, specifically: dialogues of the characters, technical descriptions of the setting and the behavior of players at different times.

Meaning of Script 1

In typography, script is a type of lyric which is characterized by its writing, in the form of Cursive hand.

Etymologically, the term script is a reduction from the English word “manuscript” which means “manuscript” or “handwritten”.

Script in computer science

The script

Meaning of Script 2

is a document that contains instructions, written in programming code. The script is a programming language that performs different functions inside a computer program.

Scripts are responsible meet the following funcion:

Combining components. Interact with the operating system or the user. Control a particular program or application. Configure or install operational systems, especially at the games, is used to control the actions of the characters.

Meaning of Script 3

Are some programming, used as script languages: ActionScript, JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Python, ShellScript, Ruby, VBScript.