Meaning of Smart TV

what is Smart TV:

Smart TV is a commercial name that translated from English means ‘smart TV’. Refers to a type of TVs of high technology that evolved conceptually (its antecedent is the Smart Phone or Smartphone) towards the integration of the digital TV with the internet and platforms of entertainment and socialization of the web 2.0, for this reason, also is called them connected or hybrid televisions.

Meaning of Smart TV 1

The prevalence of internet in recent times as a main source of entertainment and changing habits of users resulted in that technology companies were developing a TV that would provide all the options of distraction in one device: TV (cable or satellite) channels, platforms of social interaction (Facebook, Twitter, and Skype), cinema service payment , Blu-ray players, video games, as well as countless multimedia content from movies, videos and music, all available to the user via the internet.

Meaning of Smart TV 2

To facilitate the access to the contents, the Smart TV have search engines, as they come with an OS and integrated (being the Android the most widespread), which also allows installation and execution of the most varied applications. Interoperability and interactivity of the smart TVs are some of his most appreciated features.

Meaning of Smart TV 3

In addition to this, as if it were a modern computer, the smart TV includes camera video, microphone, USB ports, memory card, free wi-fi or wireless, as well as playing high definition imaging technology LCD or LED screens and can be controlled remotely with a smart phone.