Meaning of Snack

What is Snack:

The snack term comes from the English and means light food that is eaten between meals.

Snacks are a few snacks, such as chips, or some kind of food package, nuts, snacks, something even canapés or tapas, and they are not considered as one of the main meals of the day. They have different names depending on the country, for example, in Spain they are called aperitifs, snacking, in Mexico, snacks or appetizers, etc

Meaning of Snack 1

Are normally eaten snacks before eating or while performing another activity, such as a meeting or some particular events, also as a snack or as appetizers or starters of a meal (lunch or dinner), with the aim of temporarily satisfy hunger, for pure pleasure or to provide a small amount of energy to the body. Colloquially the snacks is called pecking or snacks, snack or refreshments.

Meaning of Snack 2

For the preparation of snacks are mainly used some tubers and grains such as raw materials, for example, potatoes, corn, soy, etc., and often these are enriched with proteins.

Since the snacks usually contained high amounts of salt and fat, and therefore did not have almost no nutritional value, nor contributed to the general health, called them “junk food” in the 1990s. Later managed to redesign the food type snack with some nourishing ingredients and substituting fats.

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