Meaning of Software

what is Software:

Software is a computer term that refers to a program or set of computer programs that includes data, procedures and guidelines that allow you to perform various tasks on a computer system.

This term is commonly used to refer in a very generic way to a computing device programs.

Is a term from the English, accepted by the RAE and formed by opposition to the term hardware.

Application software

Application software are programs designed to facilitate some specific tasks as text, image processors, browsers Internet, etc., to any average computer in computers, tablets, or cell phones.Meaning of Software 1

Free software and proprietary software

The concept of free software is used to refer to those programs that allow the user to use, copy, modify and distribute it.

In opposition to this term, refers to proprietary software to indicate that a computer program is not completely free. In this sense, the owner of the software prohibits or restricts its use, redistribution or modification.

Educational software

Educational software are computer programs of educational nature created to design, facilitate, complement and/or assess a process of teaching and learning.Meaning of Software 2

There are also generic tools which can have an educational utility as programs presenting slides or video players, although they are not usually considered specifically as ‘courseware’ but simply as ‘educational resource’.

Educational software can be applied to different types of education and at different levels. Similarly, format, features and functions that may be present are varied. Equally, support using is broad, as computers, tablets, or cell phones.

Software and hardware

Both computer concepts are interrelated. Hardware is the physical elements that make up a computer system (for example, keyboard or CPU), while the software is logical and intangible support (for example, an anti-virus program or a word processor), which allows to develop various functions.

Types of software

Meaning of Software 3

Generically can be distinguished several types depending on the use or utility software: System software, programming software and application software. Malware or malicious software (used also in its original form in English malicious software or malware simply) is the one created with illicit purposes as user’s private information or damage to the system.