Meaning of Spleen

what is the spleen:

Spleen is a characteristic of vertebrates viscera, which is part of the lymphatic system maintaining the balance of body fluids, usually located in the upper left part of the abdomen. The spleen term origin is latin “badius” which means “reddish”.

In reference to the above, the spleen is a soft organ, is composed of 2 fabrics: white pulp is involved in the immune system causing the lymphocytes and Red pulp is the filter and reservoir of blood, from the reddish color, can weigh between 100 – 250 grams, but this can vary over the course of time and due to certain situations such as : a disease.

Meaning of Spleen 1

Splenectomy, term which indicates the total or partial surgical removal of the spleen when diagnosed damaged by any reason or disease. However, human beings can live without spleen since the liver or other organs can carry out their functions, highlighting as a negative aspect that the body will lose part of its ability to fight infections.

In addition, spleen refers to an infectious disease of livestock.

Functions of spleen

by virtue of their characteristics, the main function of the spleen is to eliminate older red blood cells from the bloodstream, at the same time, produce and booked a type of white blood cells: lymphocytes, which produce antibodies and help to eliminate microbes and other wastes from the bloodstream.

Meaning of Spleen 2

Also participates in the digestive process in the absorption and transport of nutrients, helps the transport of water and moisture from the body, allows you to defend against some infectious agents such as the meningococus in children.

In reference to the above, if the spleen fails to correctly the functions described, can be detected by the following symptoms: digestive disorders, water retention, diarrhea, bleeding, abundant menstruations, defenses casualties, among other symptoms. Also, diseases that attack it are: viral infections, prasitarias, bacterial, liver disease, hemolytic anemias and cancer.

Glass, baso, spleen

Meaning of Spleen 3

words glass, baso, spleen, they have some similarity in time to be pronounced, but both have different Bridgat and writings. Vessel is a vessel which is used for liquids. He based it is explain something through a series of principles as “the doctor diagnosis malfunction of the spleen because it is based on the symptoms of the patients” and, finally, the spleen is an organ of the body that performs functions matched with the blood and the immune system.