Meaning of Sponsor

What is a Sponsor:

A sponsor is a sponsor. It is a person or an organization that sponsors, supports or finances an activity or project, usually for advertising purposes. For example: “transport Herrero will be the sponsor of the charity match”.

The word sponsor comes from the English and this, in turn, comes from the latin sponsor, which means ‘sear’, ‘sponsor’.

Occasionally, may be adapted to the Spanish as “sponsor”. However, the use of Spanish words is recommended sponsor or sponsor, as well as their sponsor or sponsor instead of (e) patronised, and sponsorship or sponsorship rather than (e) sponsoring. However, if you opt for the anglicism, right thing to do is write it in cursive.

Meaning of Sponsor 1

Sponsor project management

In business organization, the figure of the sponsor of a project (executive sponsor in English) is linked to from the Manager of the project, which would be the person in charge associated with its management tasks, such as exercise the defense of the project, funding, sign documents, among others. In this regard, the sponsor is responsible for the company by the success of the project. Ideally, who assumes this role must be a person with great political and executive authority within the organization.

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Sponsor in advertising

Meaning of Sponsor 3

In the business world is usual sponsorship as advertising and commercial strategy. A sponsor can be a person, a company or an institution. It is very common to see sponsors in sporting and cultural events. Such actions aim to potential consumers associated the sponsor with the positive characteristics of the team, event, or player that is being sponsored. In addition, with the sponsorship of certain activities, sponsor spreads a positive image for their social work (for example, a brand that sponsors a solidarity race or a charity match).

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Sponsor and patron of the arts

Sometimes, the sponsor can be confused with the patrons. However, in the patronage is not intended to achieve direct commercial benefits, while the objective of the sponsor is the obtaining of certain benefits. In some countries, economic donations by companies to social organizations represent a reduction in taxes and are identified with forms of sponsorship.

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