Meaning of Thermometer

what is a thermometer:

A thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature. In a symbolic way, this word is used to refer to measuring instruments as some polls, that is spoken occasionally as ‘thermometers of opinion’. This term comes from the Greek θερμός (thermos, ‘hot’) and μέτρον (metron or meter, ‘measure’, ‘ unit of measure ‘).

Types of thermometer

According to the type of materials used to measure the temperature, you can set different types of thermometers. The most common are mercury thermometers, digital thermometer, pyrometer, the Bimetal Thermometer, gas thermometer, resistance thermometer, thermocouple and thermistor.

Meaning of Thermometer 1

Digital thermometer

Is an instrument for measuring temperature used devices, transducers and electronic circuits which indicate the temperature of numerically through a screen. This type of thermometer is widely used both in households and in the area of health. One of the main advantages of digital thermometers is that they do not produce pollution by mercury. In addition, are easy to use and read, provide information rapidly and can record the data.

Mercury thermometer

Mercury thermometer tends to be composed of a glass tube containing mercury and to record changes of volume through a graduated scale. Properties of mercury make this type of thermometers were used due to the evenness with which dilates in response to temperature changes. Its invention is attributed to Gabriel Fahrenheit in the 18th century. In many countries the mercury thermometers have fallen into disuse and are even prohibited due to mercury polluting capacity. Especially in health settings as hospitals and health centres is recommended the use of digital thermometers.

Meaning of Thermometer 2

Bimetal Thermometer

A bimetallic thermometer or bimetallic thermometer is an instrument that measures the temperature through the dilatation gap between two metal sheets that are located together. Dilatation differences caused by temperature in the metals produce the blade to bow. they are especially used in the industry. This type of thermometer is, in general, more manageable and has greater range of measurement compared to liquid thermometers. This system is commonly used in the temperature recorders used in weather stations and the termohigrografos.

Homemade thermometer

A homemade thermometer is an instrument of temperature measurement made with material resources readily available, that can be performed by persons without extensive scientific knowledge, but that they do not have the reliability of other devices. This type of equipment is usually done in educational settings as a practice. Some of the materials used are a bottle, alcohol, water, coloring, a straw and clay.

Meaning of Thermometer 3

Clinical thermometer

Is an instrument of maximum precision used in the area of health to establish the body temperature of humans and animals including the tenths of a degree. They tend to be digital, mercury, alcohol or infrared radiation. Depending on the type of thermometer that is used and the specific location where you want to set the temperature, applied in body cavities or auxiliary points as the front. Are often used to determine the existence or not of fever and also as a method of prediction of female fertility periods.