Meaning of Time

what is the time:

Is known as time to the duration of the subject to change things that determine the times periods, hours, days, weeks, centuries, etc. This word comes from the latin “tempus”.

Time is a broad concept that is applied in different contexts. In relation to the definition given above, the time can be seen as the physical quantity which allows sequencing facts and determine times and whose unit of measurement is the second.

As such, the term time is used to refer to a certain period, so it has the ability to transport an individual to the past, present and future. In this sense, time is also the time during which happens, or something happened in which lives, lived or something happens to a person.

In this sense, the timeline is a tool that is used to graphically represent chronological data or periods in simple, clear and.

The common day of a human being is governed by the time enabling you to lead a life organized, which helps the human to have a less busy and much simpler life. For this reason, the unit of time featuring multiples and submultiples, i.e., a day is equivalent to 24 hours, the hour equals 60 minutes, and one minute to 60 seconds, being these very important data for the own individual measure the time elapsed in their own activities or some period of his life. For example: my father has 3 years of deceased.

By extension, the term weather is used to refer to the age of individuals and live young. For example; my niece has 5 years.

In the area of grammar, the tense is one of the divisions of a conjugation which corresponds to a mode and allows placing the action at a given time.

By extension, in the sport, a time is each one of the parties that some sports matches are divided. For example; in soccer there are two times of 45 minutes. On the other hand, in basketball, in some countries, is divided in two times of 20 minutes each while that in other countries are four-stroke 12 minutes.

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In addition, in the field of sport, there is downtime being identified as the one who the trainer asks the referee to give some indications, plan some strategy, or give time to players for a short break. In English, it is said “time out”, translated into the Spanish “time out”.

In the automotive area, a time is every phase of a motor.

In music, a time is each one of the parts of equal duration in which divides the compass or a composition. Also, the speed at which a musical composition is interpreted as.

Finally, the expression “full-time” indicates an occasion or situation to do something. When this word is used to refer to a period not specified, means having a long life.


Within the scope of the sport there is the half-time as the period of rest between the two halves of a sports like football or American football game. This concept is used in some countries of Latin America and it is a translation of the English half – time.


Nevertheless, in the world of work, in some places half time is used to refer to jobs or part-time contracts. Is usually to understand are those who establish a daily duration of between four and six hours.

Free time and leisure

The concept of leisure time refers to the period in which people can devote to carry out activities that are not those of labour or educational level or basic and fundamental tasks of daily life. Usually those periods in which people use their discretion and in which there is a certain freedom in terms of the type of activity that can be done.

For more information, see the free time article.

For its part, when the individual spends the time in leisure activities of personal interest can be considered leisure time.

Real time

In the field of technology, real time applies to digital systems in which occurs an interaction that corresponds internal weather system with external weather or environment. Therefore, a real-time system occurs in an interaction with the real world, understood as a physical process, in which correct answers are issued following temporary restrictions.

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Examples of specific areas in which this term can be used is in certain telecommunications as live television broadcasts or in meteorology, when a device indicates the temperature existing in the present time.


Weather, also known as weather, identifies the different sets of phenomena that take place in the atmosphere in a place or time. In reference to this time, it depends on factors such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, winds, among others, still the same measured at weather stations.

The expression ‘time’ indicates an occasion or situation to do something. When this word is used to refer to a period not specified, means having a long life.

Space and time

According to the theory of relativity, formulated by Einstein in 1905. Both concepts are related, since the time can not be separated from the three spatial dimensions, and all dependent on the movement of the observer.

Theory of relativity shows that any measurement of time dependent on the conditions of the observer.

Furthermore, in the field of literature, the space are physical places or the spiritual atmosphere in which elapse between events, within the work and the social sphere. For its part, time refers to the logical events order as they are chained in reality.

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