Meaning of Uterus

what is the uterus:

Also known as matrix uterus is the female reproductive organ of humans and mammals, responsible for the pregnancy. The word uterus is latin “uterus”.

Uterus is a muscular, inverted pear-shaped organ located behind the bladder and in front of the rectum, the upper two thirds of the uterus called body of uterus and the lower third is known as the neck of the uterus or cervix, and on each of its sides there is an ovary that produces eggs that come through the fallopian tubes.

The uterus can be simple as the humans or double as the rodents, among others. Also, the uterus has 3 layers: perimetrio is characterized as the outer layer, cover of peritoneal uterus, is a thin layer that allows contact between the various abdominal organs; myometrium is the middle layer of the uterus, is a thick layer composed of smooth muscle fibers that its function is the contract at the time of delivery in order to expel the fetus, and endometrium is the lining of the uterus, whose function is to protect the embryo and, in case of not gestation, gives rise to menstruation , however when the egg is fertilized the part of endometrium that surrounds the fetus in gestation becomes placenta.

Meaning of Uterus 1

The uterus measured approximately 7.6 centimeters in length, 5 centimeters wide and 2.5 cm thick, but in pregnancy its size increases of 6.5 cm to 32 – 33 cm, with an approximate weight of 50 grams to 1 kg. In reference to the above, the uterus expands to accommodate the development of the fetus and extends far beyond the navel.

During childbirth, the muscular wall

expels the fetus and compresses the blood vessels to stop bleeding once expelled the placenta. The connective tissue of the pelvic wall along with blood vessels and nerves that make up and innervate the vagina and uterus, are responsible for setting the uterus in place.

Also, most common diseases affecting the reproductive female are: endometriosis is characterized as the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside, fibroids is the development in excess of a non-carcinogen fibrous tissue that arises in the uterus and its main symptoms are pain and bleeding, cervical cancer it can cause for various reasons such as papilloma virus human (HPV) , diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of estrogen, among others.

In reference to the above, it is important that the woman is in a constant check-up with your doctor gynecologist.

Meaning of Uterus 2

Bicornuate uterus

The bicornuate uterus is a malformation, in which the uterus continues with its pear-shaped at the bottom but at the level of the fallopian tubes is separated in two. Usually, the uterus is formed by means of 2 tubes that come together to be 1 only, in utero bicone tubes not be turned into the fallopian tubes. The defect may be even more serious when looking at 2 separate hemiuteros with 2 necks and doubling of vagina.

Every woman with uterus bicone can become pregnant, with the risk of going through premature labor or spontaneous abortion but with special care may conclude the pregnancy.

Uterus anteversoflexion and retroflexion

Uterus anteversoflexion is the normal position of the uterus in which the bending angle is open forward towards the pubis, also known as retroversion uterus, retroflexion uterus is uterine leaned back.


Meaning of Uterus 3

hysterectomy is the surgical operation which is totally or partially the uterus removed. This operation is performed for many reasons the top have: endometrial cancer, cancer of the cervix, ovarian cancer, adenomyosis, fibroids, vaginal bleeding, among other diseases.

In reference to the above, with the completion of the hysterectomy the woman is infertile does not allow the development of the embryo but can be assisted fertilization of eggs since it can get to survive the ovaries.