Meaning of Windows

what is Windows:


is a term of origin English, which means windows. Windows is an operating system for computers, is the property of Microsoft and its founder, Bill Gates, and is one of the most used around the world.

Microsoft Windows began to design in 1981 and in 1985 was introduced Windows 1.0, which was not a complete operating system, if not a complement or a graphical extension of MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System, interface that consists of a command line).

Meaning of Windows 1

But it was only in 1990 that the first version was launched as operating system, the Windows 3.0, which was initially only a graphical user interface, only worked in programs that run in graphic mode. Windows already launched various versions of operating systems, each with new technologies, starting with Windows 1.0, passing through the first version in Spanish, the Windows 3.0, then the Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME (Millennium Edition), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the latest Windows 8, launching in 2012.

Meaning of Windows 2

There are several products in the “family” of Windows, as well as operating systems: Windows Live, which includes Messenger (chat), Windows Defender, which is a program to protect against spyware and other unwanted software, Windows Media Center, first launched in 2002, and Windows Media Player, which are software for listening to music and perform other functions.

The function of the Windows operating systems is to facilitate the user access to the computer, with an interface more pretty and easy to use, with new programmes, with greater speed, etc.

Meaning of Windows 3