Meaning of Wrong

what is Wrong:

Wrong is a word of English translated wrong, wrong, incorrect, false, wrong, unfair, inappropriate or unwelcome, when it functions as an adjective, depending on their context.

For example, when we use it in this is the wrong answer, translate “this is the wrong answer”. In what is wrong with that?, would mean ‘what’s bad about it?’. On the other hand, if we say you are giving me the wrong information, we would be expressing ‘are giving me false information’.

As adverb, is used to indicate that something was done improperly: You have written wrong the word = ‘you have mistakenly written the word’.

Meaning of Wrong 1

Based on noun, is used to indicate something that is recognized as an error, injustice and harm or wrong or bad. For example: I don’t know the difference between right and wrong = ‘he doesn’t know the difference between good and evil’.

As a verb, denoting actions as damage, harm or harm: She sought help from the people she has wronged = ‘she asked help to people that has harmed’.

In view of the widespread use of computer technologies from English-speaking countries, is very common to find messages with the word wrong that awaken our doubts about its meaning. Some common examples would be:

Meaning of Wrong 2

Wrong IP: means that our direction IP (Internet Protocol, according to its acronym), which is the identification number assigned to a device in the connection to the internet protocols is wrong. Wrong password or username: refers to the password or the user name we have introduced is wrong. Wrong verify code: means that the verification code of a product we are trying to enter is not valid or is wrong. Wrong file version: means that the version or the format of a file we are trying to open is incorrect. Wrong card: indicates that a device has not been able to recognize a card, so it gives it as wrong.

There are also expressions with the word wrong that have become popular among Spanish speakers, by ejemplo:

Meaning of Wrong 3

Wrong chat: ‘wrong chat’, refers to that uncomfortable moment someone realizes that he has been wrong of chat window and has written what could not be who should not. Wrong way: literally translated ‘wrong way’ (there is even a song with that title). Wrong hole: means ‘wrong hole’, it has sexual connotations, even with this title, there is a humorous cut of great viral music video in recent times. Wrong turn: it refers to a ‘wrong turn’ in the development of a road, it has become popular in recent times as a horror film is titled so.