Meaning of YouTube

What is YouTube:

YouTube is a site for sharing videos uploaded by users over the Internet, therefore, is a video hosting service. The term comes from the English “you”, which means you and “tube”, which means tube, channel, but is used in slang as “television”. Therefore, the meaning of the term YouTube could be “you transmit” or “channel made by you”.

The idea is identical to the television, where there are several available channels. The difference is that channels are created by users, where they can share videos on various topics in a simple way.

Meaning of YouTube 1

On YouTube, the videos are available for anyone who wants to see them. You can also add comments about each video.

YouTube is a lot of films, documentaries, music videos and home videos, as well as live broadcasts of events. The popularity achieved by some videos lead to unknown persons to become famous, which are considered “instant celebrities”.

Meaning of YouTube 2

The web site was founded in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The idea for the web site came about due to the difficulty that existed at the time of sharing videos on the Internet. Together they created a simple web page that soon achieved great success, reaching the mark of 7000 million daily views on several occasions.

In October 2006, the company Google Inc. bought YouTube for 1650 million dollars, although it is known that YouTube generates losses of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

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