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Meaning of Hardware

Meaning of Hardware 1

What is Hardware: Hardware is the physical part of a computer or computer system, it consists of electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical components such as circuits of cables and circuits of light, plates, utensils, chains and other material physically, that…
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Meaning of Okay

Meaning of Okay 1

What is Okay: Okay (OK, O.K., Okey, or Oki doki) is an English term that means yes, OK, OK, very good, okay. Is used to indicate conformity in situations that you want to confirm, approve or agree to something.

Meaning of Outsourcing

Meaning of Outsourcing 1

What is Outsourcing: Outsourcing is a term from the English we can translate to the Spanish as ‘contract’, ‘outsourcing’ or ‘outsourcing’. In the business world, means the process whereby an organization hires other outside companies to take charge of part…
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Meaning of Screen

Meaning of Screen 1

What is Screen: Screen is an Anglo-Saxon word whose most widespread use in Spanish refers to ‘screen’. In English, screen can be used as a noun designating physical barriers: a screen, a chiffchaff, a curtain, a screen; as well as…
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Meaning of YouTube

Meaning of YouTube 1

What is YouTube: YouTube is a site for sharing videos uploaded by users over the Internet, therefore, is a video hosting service. The term comes from the English “you”, which means you and “tube”, which means tube, channel, but is…
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Meaning of Sponsor

Meaning of Sponsor 1

What is a Sponsor: A sponsor is a sponsor. It is a person or an organization that sponsors, supports or finances an activity or project, usually for advertising purposes. For example: “transport Herrero will be the sponsor of the charity…
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