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Meaning of Enzymes

Meaning of Enzymes 1

What are enzymes: In the field of biology, enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions of the metabolism. The word, in this sense, is composed from the Greek roots ἐν (en), which means ‘in’, and ζύμη (zymè), which translates ‘yeast’.

Meaning of Perception

Meaning of Perception 1

what is perception: Perception is the action and effect of perceiving. In this sense, the term perception refers to perceptions that an individual of an object can be perceived through the senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste).

Meaning of Dentist

Meaning of Dentist 1

what is dentist: A dentist, also called dentist, is a dental professional. Dentistry, as such, is the branch of medicine that focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and ailments that affect the teeth and oral cavity…
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What is Jnana Yoga?

What is Jnana Yoga 1

It is believed that ‘ knowledge is power ‘ and it’s just the knowledge that makes a powerful individual. Jnana is involved in the entire process, even yoga involves jnana. Gyana Centre or knowledge is one of the types of…
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Meaning of Isthmus

Meaning of Isthmus 1

what is isthmus: As isthmus is called, in geography, the strip of land that connects two continents, or a peninsula with a continent. Likewise, in anatomy, as isthmus is called the narrowest part of a body that connects two cavities….
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Meaning of Gene

Meaning of Gene 1

what is gene: Gene is a series of nucleotides, carriers of genetic information that are in charge of passing inheritance to descendants, i.e. from generation to generation. The word gene is of Greek origin “genos” which means “origin, race or…
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