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Meaning of Fossil

Meaning of Fossil 1

what is fossil: Fossils are the petrified remains of organisms that lived in ancient times. The word, as such, comes from the latin fossĭlis, which in turn derives from the verb foderé, which means ‘dig’.

Meaning of Egg

Meaning of Egg 1

what is the egg: The egg is a cell spawning, egg shape, located in the ovaries of women and mammals, likely to be fertilized by a sperm, giving rise to a Zygote.

Meaning of Neuron

Meaning of Neuron 1

what is neuron: Neuron is a nerve cell that possesses the ability to excite and propagate the nerve impulse to another neuron. Neurons are the most important cells of the central nervous system (brain or spinal cord), the transmission of…
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Meaning of Melting Point

Meaning of Melting Point 1

what is melting point: Melts as melting point is called, in chemistry, the temperature to which a substance passes from solid to liquid, i.e.. Melting point varies with each substance, then that is considered as one of the characteristics of…
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What is Zen Yoga?

What is Zen Yoga 1

Yoga is a mixture of many beliefs and practices. The world discovered slowly the numerous health benefits of yoga for the mind, body and spirit. It can be quite an exciting experience to start or yoga practice, but keep your…
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Meaning of Humidity

Meaning of Humidity 1

what is humidity: As moisture designate the quality of damp. Moisture is also water that pervades a body, or water, in the form of steam, is also present in the ambient air. As such, the word comes from latin humidĭtas,…
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Meaning of Uterus

Meaning of Uterus 1

what is the uterus: Also known as matrix uterus is the female reproductive organ of humans and mammals, responsible for the pregnancy. The word uterus is latin “uterus”.

Meaning of Insidious

Meaning of Insidious 1

what is insidious: As insidious qualify are what look like harmless or benign, in spite of hidden potential damage. The word, as such, is an adjective that is derived from the latin insidiōsus.

Stationery FAQs

Stationery FAQs 1

It continues in my April series titled papeterie: basically there are even three variants. First: Do it yourself, the next paper store scissors and glue, go, ready, and throw the printer.

Meaning of Malnutrition

Meaning of Malnutrition 1

what is the malnutrition: Malnutrition is a disease that is the product of an inadequate diet, which does not allow the absorption of the nutrients needed to maintain the balance of the organism, it occurs when foods are not consumed,…
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Meaning of Toxic

Meaning of Toxic 1

what is toxic: What is belonging or pertaining to a Venom or toxin designated as toxic. In this sense, a toxic substance is one that produces effects, alterations or disturbance in the functioning of a living organism, and that may…
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Meaning of Spleen

Meaning of Spleen 1

what is the spleen: Spleen is a characteristic of vertebrates viscera, which is part of the lymphatic system maintaining the balance of body fluids, usually located in the upper left part of the abdomen. The spleen term origin is latin…
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