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Meaning of Biome

Meaning of Biome 1

what is biome: A biome is an ecological community that lives in a certain area. As such, biomes are different each other by the type of flora, fauna and climate that predominates in them. In this sense, the biome is…
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Meaning of Reproduction

Meaning of Reproduction 1

what is the reproduction: Playback is action and effect of play. The term reproduction is of latin origin and is made up of a “re” prefix and a suffix “tion” since it refers to something that reproduces or copies of…
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Meaning of Psychosomatic

Meaning of Psychosomatic 1

what is psychosomatic: As psychosomatic is called the psychological disorder that originates in the psyche and then manifests in the body, causing any consequence in the organism. The word, as such, is an adjective that consists of psycho-, meaning ‘soul’…
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Meaning of Biotic

Meaning of Biotic 1

what is biotic: Biotic is the medium where there is life, and thus organisms living or related to them. However, the biotic term is related to the word biota that refers to the set of flora and fauna.

Meaning of Natural Resource

Meaning of Natural Resource 1

what is natural resource: Natural resource is all that nature offers man for its use. Natural resources, are minerals, plant products, animals or others, after passing by the hand of man will become cars, food, energy, clothing, etc. to increase the…
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Meaning of Symmetry

Meaning of Symmetry 1

what is symmetry: As symmetry is called the exact correspondence which is verified in the shape, size and position of the parts of an object considered as a whole. The word comes from the latin symmetrĭa, and this in turn…
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Meaning of Cell

Meaning of Cell 1

what is the cell: Cell is an anatomical and functional unit of living beings composed of cytoplasm and a nucleus protected by a membrane. The word cell is origin latin ‘cellula’.

Meaning of Extinction

Meaning of Extinction 1

what is endangered: As extinction is called action and effect of extinction or extinct. In this sense, refers to the process of disappearance or cessation of certain things.

Meaning of Chlorophyll

Meaning of Chlorophyll 1

what is the chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is a pigment of green plants, some bacteria and cell prokaryotes that can carry out the process of photosynthesis. The chlorophyll word comes from Greek “χλωρος” or “chloros’ meaning”green”, and”φύλλον”or”fylon”expressing”sheet”.