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Meaning of Virus

Meaning of Virus 1

what is the Virus: Virus is an obligatory intracellular parasite, of small size, consisting of nucleic acid and protein, which is the cause of many diseases such as: influenza, ebola, human papillomavirus, AIDS (HIV), among others. The word virus comes…
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Meaning of Synaesthesia

Meaning of Synaesthesia 1

what is synesthesia: Synesthesia is the perception of a same feeling through different senses. The word comes from Greek and is composed of the words συν-(no), which means ‘together’, and αἴσθησις (aisthesis), which translates ‘sensation’.

Meaning of Morbidity

Meaning of Morbidity 1

what is morbidity: Morbidity is the amount of people who are sick in a place and time. Reference to the given definition, it can be said that ebola virus causes a high morbidity in Sierra Leone and other countries in…
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What does 3G UMTS Mean

What does 3G UMTS Mean

Mobile network of third generation 3G-UMTS standard The third generation (3G, 3-rd Generation)mobile communication started in 2002, 12 years after the beginning of its development. 3G includes a standard 3-UMTS, WCDMA and CDMA 2000. 3G provides speeds of 384 kbit…
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Meaning of Chronology

Meaning of Chronology 1

what is chronology: As chronology are called auxiliary discipline of history that is in charge of determining the order and dates of historical events. The word comes from the Greek χρονολογία (chronologia), which is composed of the roots χρόνος (chronos),…
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Meaning of Catharsis

Meaning of Catharsis 1

what is catharsis: The catharsis is a purifying experience of human emotions. As such, the word comes from the Greek κάθαρσις (katharsis), which means ‘purges’, ‘purification’.

Meaning of Recreation

Meaning of Recreation 1

what is Recreation: As recreation is called the activity aimed at the use of the free time for the physical and mental relaxation. Also, the word recreation can refer to the action revive or reproduce a work or a historical…
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Meaning of Sphincter

Meaning of Sphincter 1

what is sphincter: Sphincter is the name given, in anatomy, the ring muscle that is located in the hole in a body cavity, which is opened and closed, allowing or preventing the passage of a discharge or substance into another…
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Meaning of Astronomy

Meaning of Astronomy 1

What is Astronomy? As astronomy is called science which is responsible for studying all relation to the stars, their movements, and the laws that govern them. The word, as such, comes from the latin astronomĭa, and this in turn from…
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Meaning of Gland

Meaning of Gland 1

what is gland: Gland is an organ that is intended to produce and secrete substances to the functioning of the body as well as they can be removed by the same body.

Meaning of Traditional

Meaning of Traditional 1

what is traditional: Traditional is an adjective that refers to things belonging or pertaining to the tradition. The word, in this sense, derives from the word “tradition”, which comes from the latin traditĭo, traditiōnis, and is made up with the…
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Meaning of Abiotic

Meaning of Abiotic 1

what is abiotic: Abiotic is the medium that does not receive any living being. The abiotic term is made by the vowel “a” which means “denial” and “biotic” expressing “life”, therefore the word abiotic indicates “lifeless”.

Meaning of Aerobic

Meaning of Aerobic 1

what is aerobic: The word aerobic is an adjective used to indicate all that belonging or relating to a life in an environment that contains molecular oxygen and aerobic organisms.

Meaning of Rhesus

Meaning of Rhesus 1

what is Rhesus: Rhesus, known as the RH factor, is an antigen or protein in the red blood cells of certain people. Individuals who have this protein in its cells are RH + and those who do not possess the…
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