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Meaning of Spray

Meaning of Spray 1

what is spray: As aerosol refers, in chemistry, the suspension of tiny particles of a liquid or solid substance in a gaseous medium, which may well be air or any other gas. As such, the word comes from French spray.

Meaning of Paroxysm

Meaning of Paroxysm 1

what is paroxysm: As paroxysm is referred to as the moment in which an emotion or feeling is experienced with greater intensity. The word, as such, comes from the Greek παροξυσμός (paroxysmos), which means ‘irritation’, ‘exasperation’. In this sense, the…
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Meaning of Glucose

Meaning of Glucose 1

what is glucose: Glucose is the main sugar that circulates in the blood and is the first source of energy in the body to human beings including plants and vegetables. Glucose is a monosaccharide, a type of simple sugar, white,…
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Meaning of Andropause

Meaning of Andropause 1

what is andropause: Is known as andropause or male menopause, the set of physiological changes that characterize the reduction of male sexual activity. This term was coined by Drs. Heller and Myer, in 1944.

Meaning of Psychological

Meaning of Psychological 1

what is psychological: As psychological or psychologic is called things belonging or pertaining to the psyche and psychology. The word, as such, is an adjective that is derived from psychology, compound word from the Greek roots ψυχο – (psycho-), which…
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Meaning of Menopause

Meaning of Menopause 1

what is menopausal: As menopause is called the cessation of menstruation, natural and permanent manner on women. The word, as such, comes from Greek μήν, μηνός (men, less), which means ‘month’, and παῦσις (pausis), which translates ‘ceasefire’.

Meaning of Geodesy

Meaning of Geodesy 1

what is Geodesy: As geodesy is referred to as the science which aims to determine the shape and dimensions of the terrestrial globe. The word, as such, comes from the Greek γεωδαισία (geodaisia), which means ‘division of the Earth’.

Meaning of Psychic

Meaning of Psychic 1

what is psychic: As psychic is appointed things belonging or pertaining to the mind and psychological functions. As such, it is a term associated with the psyche and psychology. The synonym of psychic is mental. The word comes from the…
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Meaning of Lupus

Meaning of Lupus 1

what is Lupus: Is known as lupus to chronic disease, autoimmune origin, which is characterized by inflammation of the skin, and other organs such as liver, heart, lungs, brain, etc.

Meaning of Ethics

Meaning of Ethics 1

what is ethics: As ethics is referred to as the science which deals with the set of duties and ethical principles that pertain to each profession, trade or workplace. The word, as such, is a neologism coined by the English philosopher…
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Meaning of Physical Exercise

Meaning of Physical Exercise 1

what is physical exercise: Is known as exercise to the realization of body movements planned, repetitive and sometimes supervised by an instructor, aiming to be in physical form and enjoy a sound health.

Meaning of Acoustics

Meaning of Acoustics 1

what is acoustic: Acoustics is the branch of physics that studies the generation, propagation and sound properties. The word, as such, comes from the Greek ἀκουστικός (akoustikos), which in turn derives from ἀκούειν (akouein), which means ‘hear’.

Meaning of Gravity

Meaning of Gravity 1

what is gravity: As gravity is referred to in physics, force that exerts the Earth on all bodies, drawing them toward its Center. The gravity is that makes objects fall to the ground and which creates the sensation of weight….
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Meaning of Alienation

Meaning of Alienation 1

what is alienation: As alienation is referred to as the process by which an individual becomes someone foreign to itself, that strange, which has lost control over itself.

Meaning of Puberty

Meaning of Puberty 1

what is puberty: Puberty at the initial stage of adolescence, in which sexual reproduction is possible, and continues until the individual reaches full mental and social maturity. Puberty begins in the last years of the school stage, both the girls…
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Meaning of Watts

Meaning of Watts 1

what is Watts: As watts is called, in English, to Watts. The watt, as such, is a unit of electrical power that is equal to one Joule or joule (J) per second. According to the international system of units, the…
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Meaning of Amnesia

Meaning of Amnesia 1

what is Amnesia: Is known as amnesia to the disorder of the functioning of the memory that causes partial or total loss of the same. However, the amnesia can be temporary or permanent, and may worsen with the passage of…
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