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Meaning of Chikunyunga

Meaning of Chikunyunga 1

what is Chikunyunga: Is known as chikungunya, a virus that is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which causes high fever, joint pain, headache, skin rash and muscle.

Meaning of Quality

Meaning of Quality 1

what is quality: Quality is a concept that designates each of the characters that distinguish and define people, human beings and, in general, to all things and objects. As such, the word comes from latin qualĭtas, qualitātis.

Meaning of Biodiversity

Meaning of Biodiversity 1

what is biodiversity: Biodiversity or biological diversity is the variety of life forms on the planet, including terrestrial, marine ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part, beyond the diversity within each species, among species and ecosystems. Biodiversity…
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Meaning of Molecule

Meaning of Molecule 1

what is molecule: A molecule is a group of atoms, same or different, which are kept together and cannot be separated without affecting or destroying substances properties.

Meaning of Anthropology

Meaning of Anthropology 1

What is Anthropology? Anthropology is the science dedicated to the study of all aspects of human nature. It is a term from Greek origin, composed “anthropos” (man, human) and “logos” (knowledge).

Meaning of Adolescence

Meaning of Adolescence 1

what is adolescence: The adolescence is the period of life after childhood and prior to adulthood. Runs since are the first signs of puberty, between 10 and 12 years, up to the full development of the body and the beginning…
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Meaning of Star

Meaning of Star 1

is Star: A star is a ball or sphere of plasma large, luminous, bright, and that by gravity, pushing the matter toward the center of the star, and the pressure exercised by the plasma out, thanks to hydrostatic equilibrium of…
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Meaning of Bipolar

Meaning of Bipolar 1

what is Bipolar: Bipolar is a manic-depressive mental disorder, which causes much unhappiness to the carriers of this disease, despite being a mental illness with a simple treatment. People who suffer from bipolar disorder have several stages, and very different…
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Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life 1

what is life: The life term comes from the latin vita and has several Bridgat. It can mean both the space of time that elapses from the moment of conception, gestation, or the birth of sometime until death, which can…
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Meaning of Epistemology

Meaning of Epistemology 1

What is epistemology? As epistemology is called a discipline whose object of study is the nature, the origin and validity of knowledge. The word is composed of the Greek voices science (episteme), which means ‘knowledge’, and reason(logos), which translates to…
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Meaning of Science

Meaning of Science 1

what is science: As science refers all that knowledge acquired through study or practice, consisting of a series of principles and laws, deduced by observation and reasoning, and structured systematically to understand. The origin of the word science is tracked…
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Meaning of Greenhouse Effect

Meaning of Greenhouse Effect 1

what effect greenhouse: The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon of the thermal heating of the Earth and is essential for maintaining the temperature of the planet under ideal conditions for survival, and without it, the Earth would be too…
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Meaning of déjà vu

Meaning of déjà vu 1

what is déjà vu: Déjà vu or also called as the psicogia of the déjà vu is called the experience feel familiar with a new moment that we are living. The word comes from French and means “already seen”. The term, as…
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Meaning of Glacier

Meaning of Glacier 1

what is Glacier: A glacier is a permanent body of ice, a thick mass of ice formed in the Earth’s surface by accumulation, compaction and recrystallization of snow, showing signs of movement by gravity and evidence of flow in the…
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Meaning of Synergy

Meaning of Synergy 1

what is synergy: Synergy means cooperation, and is a term from Greek origin, “synergia”, which means “working together”. The synergy is a job or an effort to perform a very complex task, and achieve success at the end. Synergy is…
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Meaning of Galaxy

Meaning of Galaxy 1

what is Galaxy: Galaxy is a word that is derived from the Greek term “galaxias kyklos”, which means Milky circle. A Galaxy is a giant system formed by millions, billions or trillions of stars, clouds of gas, planets, cosmic dust,…
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Meaning of Homeostasis

Meaning of Homeostasis 1

what is Homeostasis: Is known as homeostasis to the set of phenomena of self-regulation, enabling the maintenance of a relative constancy in the composition and properties of the internal environment of an organism. The term homeostasis is of Greek origin…
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Meaning of Cognitive

Meaning of Cognitive 1

what is cognitive: The meaning of the term cognitive is related to the process of acquisition of knowledge (cognition) through information received by environment, learning, and derives from the latin cognoscere, meaning to know. Cognition involves many factors such as…
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Meaning of Psychology

Meaning of Psychology 1

What is Psychology: Psychology is a discipline that analyzes and seeks to understand the processes of mental and behavior of human beings and their interactions with the physical and social environment, through a scientific study.

Meaning of Energy

Meaning of Energy 1

what is power: Energy is a term derived from the Greek “energos”, whose original meaning is action force or workforce, and of “energeia” which means activity, operation. The concept is used in the sense of power to designate the force…
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