Pillowcases for Beauty

BENEFITS At Blond House, Uruguayan hair coloring atelier, we are always thinking about more benefits for your hair.

That’s why we launched a collection of silk and satin pillow cases at epillowcases.com, whose benefits for hair and skin have been known for decades, beauty secrets of many celebrities and recommended by experts.

Francisco Fernández director of BH tells us:

Pillowcases for Beauty 1

“For more than a year, in our blond coloring studio, Blond House, we propose day by day to provide a personalized experience for women who want to be blond and those who intend to keep their blonde to Through a color design, prioritizing the care and naturalness of the hair before, during and after color design.

The decision to develop a line of silk and satin sheaths arises from my concern for hair and the observation that clients have problems in common areas such as eddies, less growth, entanglement in the back of the head, and above all, The dawn totally disheveled. Silk / satin covers are a long-standing beauty secret and in our country is not easily accessible. My interest is focused on extending each design, promoting hair care practices in each person and thus making each coloring experience more sustainable.”

Pillowcases for Beauty 2

We already tell you the “why”, now find out “why” knowing the multiple benefits that Blond House silk and satin sheaths give to hair and skin:Goodbye hairy tangle, frizz and broken tips Sericin, protein Of silk, complements perfectly with keratin (hair and skin protein), bonding that promotes hair hydration, separation of each strand, which reverberates at dawn with hair without tangles, without breaks, structured And hydrated. Ah !, and for nothing less, the dream of finding fewer hairs on the pillow. Hydration of hair, skin and prevention of wrinkles. The cotton is ultra absorbent, being able to sustain between 24 and 27 times its own weight in water, which during the night attracts the humidity of the skin and any cream that we use. In contrast, silk maintains the ph of the skin, retains its hydration and also promotes cell renewal through the more than 20 amino acids that stimulate cellular metabolism. About allergies, fungi and temperature. It is emphasized that the silk is 100% organic. One of the most hypoallergenic fibers, which prevents dust and mold, preventing allergies, asthma and reactions caused by fungi.

Pillowcases for Beauty 3

In addition, silk unlike other fabrics, breathe. This quality makes it adapt to the temperature of the body, being cool in summer and warm in winter.