Portland, Oregon

According to act-test-centers.com, Portland, the largest city in the state of Oregon, gained enormous popularity among the Dutch public through the game show Wie is de mol? in 2017. Rightly so! This hip and liberal city has an almost European feel due to its laid-back atmosphere. Discover the city during a Portland city trip or start your journey with a Fly Drive Portland .

12 things to do in Portland

The “Rose City” is especially loved by artists, writers and musicians. You will also find a range of eateries, boutiques and museums in the city. You can easily visit all this by bike. Enough reason to visit this city!

1. Portland Art Museum

With such a vibrant art scene in Portland, a large museum is a must. The museum opened in 1896 and is one of the largest museums on the west coast. Portland Art Museum is best known for its huge collection of modern art. You can also admire works of art from North America, Asia and Europe in the museum. House movies are regularly screened in the associated Northwest Film Center. Admission to the museum costs about $20 for adults; for children (under 17) admission is free.

2. Tax Free shopping

Attention shopping enthusiasts! Oregon, and Portland in particular, is the place to be. You can shop tax-free in the state. As a result, some items are a lot cheaper than, for example, in California. Here are some tips for every budget. In the Pioneer Place area you will find a mix of chain and local shops. A few minutes away, in the Pearl District, there are some chic high-end shops for the bigger wallet. The distances are all perfectly walkable. More northerly, Nob Hill is home to boutiques in characterful Victorian buildings. Llyod Center is the city’s largest mall, with big name stores and even an ice rink. The true bargain hunters will surely succeed at Woodburn Premium Outlets or Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets;

3.Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry (OMSI)

A fun outing for young and old! A museum focused on natural science, technology, geography and astronomy, among other things: the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. You can learn all kinds of things here; from life on Mars to climate change. The museum also has the largest planetarium in the Northwest, so be sure to check it out. Children can do their own chemistry and physics experiments in Science Hall; adults can admire the inside of the USS Blueback (a submarine used by the US Navy). Tickets for adults (and children 14+) cost about $12; for children, the entrance fee is about $8.

4.Street Food

In this hip city, the locals pay a lot of attention to ‘street food’: preferably as organic and exotic as possible. The food trucks are extremely popular: colorful vans where you can order food. Portland has no less than 600! Here are some of the most popular food carts. At Güero you eat a Mexican ‘torta’: a kind of grilled sandwich of thick white bread. Do you like meat? Then you can try Greek gyros at Aybla Grill. At BingMi! you can taste Jian Bing, a Northern Chinese ‘crepe’, filled with egg, black beans and chili sauce, among other things. Be sure to Google your favorite kitchen before you go; there is bound to be a food truck that meets your needs.

5. Mount Tabor Park

Looking for some peace and quiet? Then head to Mount Tabor Park, in the southeast of the city; named after the volcano of the same name. This volcano is now extinct, but you can still walk on it in Boring Lava Field. From the volcano you have a beautiful panoramic view of the city. A statue of Harvey W. Scott can also be admired at the top; Scott was a pioneer who traveled to Oregon in the early 1900s. Furthermore, the wooded area, interspersed with vast fields, invites you for a walk or a bike ride. A number of walks, varying in difficulty, start from the Visitor Center.

6. Bridges

Portland is also known for its many bridges. The city has no less than 12 bridges, which connect the eastern and western parts of the city over the Willamette River. Fun to do is to rent bicycles and explore the bridges by bicycle. These are a number of bridges that you can cross by bicycle. One of the oldest bridges is Hawthorne Bridge. What makes this bridge so special is the lift construction in the middle of the bridge. You might recognize this one from the first episode of Wie is de mol?. Unfortunately, unlike in the episode, the upper part is not accessible to visitors… The Steel Bridge from 1912 is perhaps the most beautiful bridge in the city, due to its double-decker construction. Also beautiful: St. Johns Bridge, completely built in Gothic style and no less than 124 meters high.

7. Washington Park

Washington Park is Portland’s largest urban park; maybe even the entire state of Oregon. There are therefore plenty of fun outdoor activities for young and old here. For children there is a huge playground; or visit the Children’s Museum for a fun and educational afternoon. For those who prefer to take things a little easier, the park also has several botanical gardens, a Japanese garden and a rose garden to check out. Furthermore, the zoo (Oregon Zoo) and the World Forestry Center’s Discovery Museum (a museum about trees) can also be found in this park. Enough to do.

8. Pittock Mansion

Fun to do on a (possibly) rainy afternoon: visit Pittock Mansion. This mansion is not called “Portland’s Finest” for nothing: it was built at the beginning of the twentieth century in the style of the French Renaissance. The client was pioneer Henry Pittock, who headed west to try his luck. He eventually worked his way up to become a newspaper magnate. In the house itself you can learn more about the history of the city through a guided tour. But you can also look around yourself. Don’t forget the immense garden of the estate: from the garden you have a good view over the city.

9. Visitor Center

For an up-to-date overview of all the activities going on in the city, stop by the Travel Portland Visitor Information Center at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Even if you are lost and need a map, you will find it here.

10. Theaters

Portland is a creative city with an impressive arts and theater scene. A night out to the theater is definitely a great idea! Whether you like large productions or smaller shows, Portland has it all. A good place to start is the Portland’5 Center for the Arts. This is the city’s largest art house with the most productions; from one-man shows to large performances. Several theaters serve them, including Newmark Theater and Dolores Winningstad Theater. Musical fans should check out Portland Center Stage’s website; this theater has the best musical productions in the city. For those looking for the acclaimed theater from the first episode of Wie is de Mol?, the McMenamins Bagdad Theater should be in the Hawthorne District.

11. Festivals

Portland is also the city of festivals. There are several festivals to visit every month of the year, so be sure to check out what’s on in the month you’re there. Who knows, you might be lucky! The peak of the festival season is – how could it be otherwise – in the summer. There are multiple music festivals in July and August, including Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Waterfront Blues Festival (both July), and Pickathon (August). But with 65 breweries in and near the city, a beer festival cannot be missed: Portland Beer Week in June is always well attended.

12. Mount Hood

Fancy an active day out near Portland? The Mount Hood area, about a 43-mile drive from Portland, offers a variety of hiking and biking opportunities. The top of the mountain is located on an active volcano and, at 3,400 meters high, is the highest point in the state of Oregon. It is therefore not surprising that the mountain is very popular among (professional) climbers. The mountain is also home to twelve glaciers and six ski slopes, making it a popular destination among winter sports enthusiasts as well. ‘Nice’ detail: on the south side of the mountain you will find Timberline’s Lodge: the hotel from The Shining.

Portland FAQs

What are the top attractions in Portland?

Portland is best known for its green center with nice shops and restaurants. The city is also popular for its duty-free shopping and large arts scene.

What are the best outdoor activities in Portland?

Then you should definitely go to one of the parks. You can certainly enjoy yourself there for an afternoon. For a full day of outdoor fun, be sure to drive to Mount Hood.

What are the best day trips in Portland?

Besides Mount Hood, you can also spend a day discovering the city by bicycle. For example, drive from bridge to bridge. This way you get to different places in the city and you are active! Bad weather? Then one of the museums or theaters is a fun activity.

What are the top things to do for kids in Portland?

Children can have a great time in Washington Park. In bad weather, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a nice idea.

Portland, Oregon

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