Puerto Aventuras Travel Guide

The luxurious Puerto Aventuras is made for vacationers. Puerto Aventuras is a full-service holiday paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula.


Puerto Aventuras is a holiday oasis on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

All-inclusive resort

Puerto Aventuras is built as a holiday paradise. It is located in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula . The form oasis is built around a small marina. The area consists of many all-inclusive hotels and holiday homes. The area has full services for shops and restaurants.

Puerto Aventuras also has a golf course and a long sandy beach. In addition, many hotels have swimming pools and tennis courts. The night and nightlife of the place is not very lively, which makes the area a suitable destination for many families with children.

Yucatan Peninsula

The holiday home is centrally located, as the city ​​of Playa del Carmen , for example, is just a short drive away . In the other direction is the city of Tulum, known for its beautiful beaches and Mayan village. Also just over an hour’s drive away is Cancun, the most popular resort on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Winter months best travel time

Due to the climate, the best time to travel to Puerto Aventuras is during the winter months from November to March. In this case, there are significantly more sunny days per month than during the summer.

The hurricane season on the Yucatan Peninsula runs from June to early November. In winter, temperatures move around 29 degrees on average during the day. At night, it is advisable to book a warm suitcase, as depending on the humidity of the air, temperatures may drop well below 20 degrees.

Water sports and Mexican gifts

Golfing, tennis and water activities are possible around Puerto Aventuras. For example, on the shores of Fatima Bay you can try windsurfing and diving. Water sports in many forms, such as surfing, fishing and snorkelling, can be enjoyed in the surrounding area.

There are some shops and restaurants in the area. The most popular gifts include tequila, jewelry, crafts and hammocks. However, if you want more shopping, you should visit Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

The price level is cheaper than in Finland. In tourist centers, however, prices may be more expensive than in other areas. The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso. However, you should check the current exchange rate before you travel.

Good to know about Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is a safe resort that does not show the frequently reported problems in the Mexican border region. As this is a popular area for tourists, you should keep your reserves for pickpockets, especially when visiting the most popular destinations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Thanks to the abundance of tourism, the locals usually speak fluent English, but it is good to learn at least a few words in Spanish for reasons of courtesy. A small dictionary may be helpful in restaurants, for example.

The time difference to Finland is -7 hours.



Salsa and guacamole made from avocados are rightly part of the basic offer of Mexican cuisine.

Flights to Puerto Aventuras

When traveling to Puerto Aventuras, you usually fly to the city ​​of Cancun . Self-service flights cost about 850 euros. The most affordable usually include two stopovers, one in Europe and one in New York or Miami. These travel times range from about 16 hours to 22 hours.

Several travel agencies organize package tours to the Yucatan Peninsula. In winter, there is a direct flight from Helsinki to Cancun. Sometimes it is possible to buy only flights through a tour operator for these flights.

Accommodation options in Puerto Aventuras

Playa del Carmen has lots of resort-type accommodation and large hotel complexes. There are options for both honeymooners looking for luxury and families looking for a child-friendly hotel. There are not many affordable inns or hostels on offer and prices are not as low as elsewhere in Mexico.

The average price for a double hotel night is wide, from about 70 euros to over 400 euros. At its cheapest, accommodation can be obtained for about 60 euros per night.

Getting around Puerto Aventuras

The cheapest way to travel from one place to another is by local minibus, collectivo. The ride costs about a euro to the neighboring towns of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. A taxi ride is also relatively inexpensive. It is possible to rent your own car. However, special care should be taken in Mexican traffic, and car rental is not recommended for the inexperienced driver.



All-inclusive hotels are popular in Mexico.

All-Inclusive theme park Xel-Ha

Xel-Ha Theme Park is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. A theme park entrance ticket requires all-inclusive services. Activities in the park can be found from side to side for snorkeling, climbing and zipline biking trails.

Day trip to the stalactite cave

An excursion to Puerto Aventuras is easy at Aktu’s Chen stalactite cave. The versatile stalactite cave has been turned into an adventure park, where you can snorkel and go through the jungle along the cable car, among other things.

History and stunning beaches in Tulum

The city of Tulum has Mayan ruins and a magnificent coastline. There are also clear water lagoons in the vicinity of Tulum that can be explored by snorkeling. The Tulum excavation site is visited by more visitors than any other archaeological site in Mexico. The name of the city, Tulum, has come from the long wall that surrounds the city.



Puerto Aventuras is a peaceful beach resort for families with children.

The best activities

1. beach games and bathing
2. golf
3. diving
4. snorkeling
5. tennis


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