Rumors About Motorola Bike 360

Android Wear has become one of the most important releases of the week. An operating system that will move a set of devices, wearables, including the Bike 360, a smart watch manufactured by Motorola which at the moment has only been see through renderings.

Rumors About Motorola Bike 360 1

An anonymous source, who reported on the existence of the Moto X and G, begins to filter data on the specifications that will have this brand new watch. Taking into account the type of this information, we will take it with tweezers as usual.

According to the source from Centralledwatch, the watch will come with one screen OLED. A decision quite logical at first glance since the backlight is not especially important in this format and be able to turn on and off pixels individually is really useful.

Rumors About Motorola Bike 360 2

The front glass is made of Sapphire, a material quite used in high-end watches. This detail together with the fact that according to the informant, the clock uses fairly expensive technology, targeting the wearable of Motorola will be precisely something economical. Easy to see what they have shown so far.

Finally we have load magnetic. In the talk of the day 19 bike 360 design Chief made it clear that they would not use USB but a “secret” connector so it is quite likely that they use a system based on this technology. True or not? We’ll see it.

Rumors About Motorola Bike 360 3

The feeling that these rumors is saying pretty obvious information. Screen OLED? It is quite likely that Motorola has experience with this type of panels and, moreover, is a very attractive option. Could they have used another? Electronic ink is completely discarded and Mirasol would have been another option but for now it seems that Qualcomm is which is focused with her.

Magnetic charge and Sapphire Crystal? Other predictable data. Use a microUSB is useful to load a device but a watch of these characteristics would be a detail rather ugly, aesthetically, Motorola. Whatever it is, we will watch because it will not touch wait long to see how it is really this bike 360 us.