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Attractions in Rzeszow

There are several tourist attractions to visit in Rzeszow. The old town with the main square and the town hall is of course compulsory to see and photograph for all tourists. In the old town there are also plenty of art galleries to visit between the shopping rounds.

Rzeszow also has some really good museums worth your time. We think, among other things, of the anthropological museum and the city museum. Rzeszow also houses a number of beautiful buildings that you will pass by as you take a closer look at the city during a stroll. Take a closer look at the beautiful Wanda Siemaszkowa Theater.

Main sights and attractions

This is an “underground city” located at Rynek 26 (the market place) in the old town. The tunnels run from half a meter to almost 10 meters below the ground. Directly above you you have the big square in the old town. In total there are 25 cells and 15 different corridors. This “town” under the city was built so that the residents would have their secret shops, warehouses, production facilities and the like. Of course, the corridors served as protection during war as well. The project was started in the 1300s and construction took place for almost 300 years. The underground city covers an area of ​​approximately 650 square meters.

Solidarity Park
This beautiful park offers a variety of plants and flowers, as well as statues and large open spaces. A great oasis in town. Solidarity Park, or Ogród Miejski im. Solidarnosci in Polish is located about a kilometer south of the town hall and the old town.

Lancut Castle
In the middle of the village of Lancut 20 kilometers east of Rzeszow you will find the beautiful Lancut Castle. This is an archaic example of a 16th century palace. Today the castle houses a museum. The Lancut Castle has been owned by the Lubomirski family. Read more about this in the section on Lubomirski Castle below.

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The large and small synagogue in Rzeszow
The small (and old) synagogue in Rzeszow dates from 1610. In Polish it is called the Staromiejska Synagogue and is located in the street Boznicza. This is one of the region’s oldest synagogues. The old (and small) synagogue was burned by the Nazis during World War II. From 1953 to 1963, the synagogue was renovated. Note in particular that the only remaining parts of the old city wall are part of the synagogue.

The large (and new) synagogue can be found north of the old town, close to the new market and the new town. Hence the name, Nowomiejska Synagogue. The new synagogue was built in the early 18th century. Like many other synagogues, this was also destroyed by the Nazis, who also used it as a stable during World War II. In 1944 they lit at the synagogue. The synagogue was rebuilt for a ten-year period from the mid-1950s.

Rzesow Attractions

Lubomirski Castle and Summer Palace
When you are in the center of Rzeszow, you have to walk to the picturesque Aleja Pod Kasztanami Street (chestnut tree avenue) which houses both Lubomirski Castle and Lubomirski’s Summer Palace. The powerful Lubomirski family has been known in Poland since the 9th century and they have built palaces and castles in many of the major cities in the country. The area surrounding the castle and summer palace itself is one of the most beautiful aristocratic Late Baroque areas in this part of Europe.

The Revolution
Monument In the center of Rzeszow, between Luke Cieplinskiego Avenue and Jozef Pilsudski Street, you will find the Revolution Monument. Like many other works of art, there has been much ridicule, including poisonous tongues that resemble donkeys and female genitals.

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