San Marino Economics and Business


According to COUNTRYAAH, San Marino has a fairly well-developed economy based mainly on industry and tourism as well as typical sources of income for smaller countries (stamp publishing and so-called mailbox companies). The service industries account for most of the employment, but San Marino also has a varied industry, including textile, ceramics, rubber, leather and paper production. Industrial minerals in the form of building blocks and lime are exported. The energy requirement is imported from Italy. More than 1 percent is employed by agriculture, which produces wine and wheat, among other things. Tourism also provides important income.

San Marino GDP (Nominal, $USD) 2003-2017

Note: the capital city of San Marino, abbreviated as SMR by, is San Marino with a population of 4,200 (2012). Other major cities include Serravalle with a population of 10,500, Borgo Maggiore with a population of 6,600 (2012).

San Marino Economics and Business

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