Sights of Cuba

According to Calculatorinc, the capital of Cuba is Havana, which is located in the northwestern part of the island. The appearance of the city is quite unique, but at the same time picturesque. Beautiful Italian-style buildings, old mansions stand here near the modern skyscrapers of “developing socialism.” The main tourist and at the same time historical part of the city is Old Havana, which is located around the Havana Bay. The strait into the harbor is quite narrow and on both sides there are ancient fortresses that once guarded this place. There are two forts on the western shore of the harbor: La CabaƱa and La Real Fuersa, which is considered the oldest fort building in America, and at the moment the Museum of Weapons is located in the building of this fort. The picturesque Malecon promenade is suitable for hiking. This place is familiar to Cubans as a place where traditional February carnivals are held. Immediately behind the embankment begins the main street of the city – Pasedo del Prado. Today, this street is considered the main attraction of Old Havana. Paved with marble slabs, lined with trees along the roadside, stretching along amazingly beautiful mansions built in the old Spanish style, Prado Boulevard has become the best vacation spot not only for citizens, but also for numerous tourists. Also on the Prado is the building of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, the National Library, as well as a museum, but earlier this building was the building of the National Capitol, which was built in the likeness of the Washington Capitol. The new part of Havana is known for its modern hotels with first class service, most of which are on the Vedado promenade and La Rampa. In addition, there are some of the best beaches in the city. Many luxury hotels, well-equipped beaches, as well as various yacht clubs and amusement parks are located near Cubanakan Bay. It is also worth visiting one of the largest areas of karst caves, which is located in the province of Matanzas. By itself, this province can be considered a separate tourist capital of Cuba, and all because the abundance of attractions here is so great that it can compete with any place in Cuba, and not only Cuba. In addition to visiting the cave area, here tourists have the opportunity to visit the best Cuban beaches of the island of Juventud, Vardero, as well as completely wild and untouched places in the southern Batabano Bay. At the exit of Botabano Bay is the largest island in the Los Canarreos archipelago – Juventud. This island is the best place for diving, as well as sport fishing. The rugged, green shores are full of picturesque bays, and the hills are overgrown with forests. It will be interesting to visit Punta del Este, where you can see unusual black sand beaches and rock paintings.

National cuisine of Cuba

Cuban culinary traditions are quite original and unique, so real gourmets will have something to rejoice here. National cuisine consists of recipes from African peoples, Spaniards and Creoles. It is customary to use a lot of pork, poultry meat, a huge amount of spices and seasonings, as well as seafood. The best folk dish is “Creole ajiaco”, which consists of a large amount of fried pork and a variety of vegetables. It is also interesting to try fried pork and other meats with bananas. Since Cuba is a warm country, many different fruits grow here, which are served at the table at any time of the day. Salads, cocktails, juices are made from fruits here, and fruits are also heat-treated. The main attraction of Cuban cuisine and, of course, its pride is the world-famous rum.


City transport, for the most part, is already very old, there are few buses, and those that run often break down, so tourists are not recommended to use public transport in Cuba. There are two types of buses: one limits the number of passengers to the number of seats, and the second is ordinary cars, which are most often completely crammed with people. There is no timetable for their movement, and the route is not marked anywhere. The best solution for a tourist would be to use a taxi service. There are special “Tourist taxis”, which often have air conditioning. You need to pay for a taxi in US dollars, the cost of services is approximately 1 dollar per 1 km. You can order such a taxi at the hotel, or by calling. The movement is constantly monitored by operators, so safety is at a high level.

Sights of Cuba

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