The Filigree Jewelry

The jewels of Liliana Warrior have been exposed at the Museum of Design in New York. Filigree, but are they don’t look old. And can be bought in the best shops.

When I was little, Liliana Warrior I’d like to be a woman laden with jewelry, immersed in them. Even then the mother caught her taking these offered to him and others who caught the way home to add elements. In adolescence, spent it all your money. This was a passion that began very early, with me necklace Buzios in silver pieces from my mother and my grandmother with Super Glue 3. I’ve always liked to wear jewelry and, mainly, to change them», says.

Today, at the age of 40 years, Liliana specializes to reinvent the traditional Portuguese filigree and the first jeweler in the country to be exposed at the Museum of art and Design in New York, an event which annually publishes 50 contemporary designers from all over the world. Was one of four selected to sell their gems at the museum gift shop.

Liliana started to like filigree in Minho, where he was born. Grabbed on traditional techniques and made modern parts.

The Filigree Jewelry 1

When you leave the House, Liliana always takes a couple of her jewelry, especially large rings. Be a native of Viana do Castelo, the place of parties and of filigree was also the your part in this story. Loved the perfection of the hearts of Viana, the strength of the women of your Earth full of gold. Met the workshop of the master goldsmith Joaquim and Guilherme Rodrigues, in Póvoa de Lanhoso, ten years ago, on a field trip.

Part of a project was called Lightness: revive the Filigree, with the school of Arts and Design (ESAD) of Matosinhos and the gold Museum of Tariq in order to reinterpret the national filigree.” I still go to them once a week, to search and work. They do it so well that I design, experiment, ride the prototypes, and they repeat parts and apply the technique of welding.” Trust fully in their work.

Liliana studied interior design in Lisbon, at the school of decorative arts from Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo. Unhappy to rethink life, when a friend showed him the workshops of ESAD de Matosinhos and she knew I could be a professional jeweler. Then deepened the specialized training in the center of jewelry. Win the traditional crafts of the international fair of Lisbon, in the following won the contest of contemporary art of the FIA and the first International Contest of Filigree (in Póvoa de Lanhoso).

The Filigree Jewelry 2

“The sentence of Picasso who says that inspiration exists, but that is working is perfect to describe my case,” he says. She studied a reliquary of the 19th century – one of the most emblematic and traditional filigree work. And was based on those elements that came to their collections, Nozzles, full of Business Structure or knit (your favorite). “The very technical names are those used by goldsmiths and represent the various elements and fillers that subtract the shrine”.

“Everyone is curious about the lightness and simplicity. When I explain being made by hand on the basis of an ancestral technique, customers get even more interested, “says Liliana. The reaction is even more reassuring in countries where there is also a tradition in filigree, such as Chile, Colombia or Israel. “The jewelry is often used as a symbol of status, I’d rather see them as an extension of the personality and the body of who uses them,” he says. For her, at least, have been the greatest charm.

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