Things to Do in Liège, Belgium

According to, Liège is the capital of the province of the same name in Belgium. Liège is located just thirty kilometers from Maastricht in the Wallonia sub-area. The main language in Liège is therefore Walloon, which resembles French, although Flemish/Dutch is also widely spoken, especially in the tourism sector. Liège has always been popular among Limburgers for a day trip, but other Dutch people are increasingly finding their way to Liège as a city trip destination.

Top 10 things to do in Liege

#1. Gaufre de Liège
You can’t leave the city without tasting the Liège waffle. This waffle is characterized by being heavier than all other waffles. This is due to the sugar crystals that are processed in it. The oval shape also characterizes the Liège waffle. You won’t be surprised to find them all over the city either. It is also said that every grandma (grandmother/grandmother) in Liège has her own waffle recipe.

#2. The Grand Curtis
Located in the historic heart of the Fiery City of Liège, this museum offers art and history from some 7,000 years ago. Opened in March 2009, this museum also has impressive gardens housing the cafeteria. Different themes are covered for a journey into history. There are archaeological collections, the Glass Museum collection, the weapons collection and the 19th century in Liège.

#3. Bueren stairs
If you want a beautiful and special view of the city of Liège, you should climb a bit. If you are at the top of the Bueren stairs, after 373 steps, you get the beautiful view. Fortunately, there are benches every now and then during this climb to regain your strength. This staircase can be found on the edge of the center.

#4. Saint Paul’s Cathedral
This is the main church of the Diocese of Liège and this is reflected in its size. It also houses a special treasury with famous relics of Saint Lambertus and Charles the Bold.

#5. Place Saint Lambert
This beating heart of Liège has important archaeological finds. This Archeoforum has parts of an old cathedral and, among other things, walls of a Roman house and also many objects and bones that have largely remained intact. In total, this archeoforum has a total size of 3725 m2. The entire history of Liège can be found here and is definitely worth a visit.

#6. Sunday market La Batte
If you want to taste the real Liège, you should visit this market. He is every Sunday from eight in the morning until an hour or two at the quays of the Maas. Everything is covered at this impressive and cozy market with about 500 stalls. You will find exotic fish, clothing, fantasy jewellery, wine, cheese, books, records and discoveries of small inventors. Of course, the cozy terraces are not lacking here either.

#7. Boat trips
The Meuse is inextricably linked to the city of Liège. In the past it was mainly an important transport route, now it is important for the tourists. With a trip on board the Sarcelle IV you will visit the historic heart, the Cathedral and surrounding district, Outremeuse-Simenon and Le Sentier des Coteaux. (address: Quai van Beneden).

#8. Hills of the Citadel
In this green heart of Liège, people and nature come closer together. This true paradise is a feast for the eyes, but above all a wonderful place to rest in this large student city.

#9. Walking
This city full of winding streets and alleys can be described as a walking city. Many old buildings can be seen, parks to visit and nostalgic houses to admire. For a nice impression and tips, I would like to refer you to a website filled by residents of the city of Liège. Who knows better what to see and do above all…

#10. Place du Marché
Nightly entertainment and (warm) terraces can be found on this market square. It brims with coziness. The market is surrounded by stately baroque houses from the 16th century. On Rue Saint-Gillis you can find the beer temple of Liège, Café Le Vaudrée II. The menu includes melon beer. Here on this square in winter is the famous Liège Christmas market.

Liège, Belgium

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