Tips for the Menorca Trip

Menorca is a tranquil and picturesque island characterized by its cherished coves, quiet resorts, long hiking trails and green mountains and valleys. You go here if you want to get away from Mallorca’s agitation or Ibiza’s party life to devote more time to yourself and your loved ones. Many people may raise their eyebrows when they claim that Menorca is unspoiled and genuine, especially when you look over to the other side towards the party-laden island of Mallorca. But the fact is that this is completely true. You go to Menorca when you want peace and quiet.
Anyone who is hungry for Menorca should read this article first to take part in some tips before the trip.

The climate of Menorca

No matter where you are on the island, you can expect a lush greenery with cool breezes, beautiful bird species and a rich flora. The winter is short and rainy and the best time to spend here is between May and October. Then it is guaranteed sunshine and the average temperature during July-August is usually around 28-30 degrees.


According to Commit4fitness, Spanish is mainly spoken in Menorca, but a local dialect called menorcin is also common.


Menorca has the Euro as its currency, as it belongs to Spain. There are plenty of ATMs everywhere on the island and in most places credit cards are accepted.

The electrical system

Both in Menorca and in the rest of Spain, you can travel without bringing an adapter. They have 230 V and thus offer the same electricity as at home.

The drinking water

You can certainly drink tap water in most places in Spain, but if you want to be on the safe side, you should buy bottled water. The tap water is not so good either, so visitors will probably prefer bottled water.

If you were to get sick

There are several health centers in Menorca, offering both primary care and some emergency care, especially in the larger cities such as Cituadella or Mahón. There are also hospitals here. In the countryside you will find local doctor’s surgeries where doctors come from time to time a week. Always bring your European insurance card. With this you pay the same amount as the locals. There are plenty of pharmacies where you can buy medicine that you are used to. Call 112 in case of alarm and 061 for ambulance. You can ask to speak English, Spanish, German or French, as there are operators who are multilingual, there. Otherwise you can also call SOS international + 45-70 10 50 50.

Tips in Spain

Everywhere in Spain, tips are included, but you should still round up when you pay at restaurants or bars. Taxi drivers and cleaning staff usually get an extra euro in tips so you can think about this when you take a taxi or see the cleaning lady at the hotel.

Car rental

Renting a car in Menorca is highly recommended. It is easy to get around the island and that way you get to see everything. You can easily rent a car at the airport in Mahón or in other places like Cala ´N Bosch or Cituadella and choose between several large companies. Spain often has a fee when returning the car, which includes the service to refuel the car full again. You should therefore make sure to look through the contract before signing something and ask once more before taking the car.

Tips for the Menorca Trip

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