Tips for Wearing Sweater Dress

Scared the name? Ever heard of, know or use? Well, as the name says, that piece seems to have come straight out of the female wardrobe, because in fact they look a lot like a sweater.

Tips for Wearing Sweater Dress

This trend is rehearsing going into fashion for a while, but if you really get it, I do not know, nor do I believe, however, for those who take risks, or want to take the risk of separating some  tips  to make it beautiful.

The sweater dress is very similar to a sweater, precisely because it is made in noble fabrics, medium to long lengths, and lace details, embroidered design.

Tips for Wearing Sweater Dress 1

Here are some guidelines for wearing sweater dress. The first thing to keep in mind is: the body must be in shape, and yet be careful with the chosen fabric, since the finer fabrics tend to mark the body, so in addition to looking closely at the material that has been made, picking a soltinho is more interesting.

The bra is a piece to be chosen with enough attention, since the fabric of the dress marks a lot and has the thin strap, so the bra should not have too many details, such as lace and embellishments, in addition to being strapless, so as not to get weird.

Tips for Wearing Sweater Dress 2

For the feet it is cool to wear heels, because even if you go out with a low-cut sandal dress it will look like you just got out of bed, and that’s not the idea you want to get through. Another tip is to caprichar in the hairstyle and accessories, thus it passes a more sophisticated air to the visual.

If it is a bit cold at the moment you wear your sweater dress, you can make an overlay with blazer or cardigan, besides warming up adds a more behaved air to the look.

This is it girls, I hope you liked the tips. Tell me, what do you think of the sweater dress, use, would you? See you soon!

Tips for Wearing Sweater Dress 3