Types of LED Flashlights

Flashlights using LEDs instead of traditional light bulbs stand out for the clarity of the light, the scope and the autonomy of its batteries. The Titan T1-TI-WH-P also stands out as a luxury and Pocket model.

Types of LED Flashlights

His flow of light is adjustable from 0 to a maximum of 65 lumens, made of titanium, and protection against the water among other features, this lamp is not depreciable priced at $499.

With 8 cm of length and 53 grams it looks good, but too expensive for my opinion.

Types of LED Flashlights 1

Flashlight LED Rechargeable with The Car Cigarette Lighter

To take advantage of the lighter of the car is born Spotlight, a portable LED lamp whose battery can be recharged with the lighter, This accessory that many forget about its existence, moreover taking lighters in our pockets.

The device charging takes 2 hours and has a range of 7 hours, providing a flow of 28 lumens. While charging it kept running a red light which goes off when the process is completed.

Available in 12 colors (image 10 more other two prints which will be available next March), although many of them are now out of print or unavailable. With a weight of just 45 grams and 5 centimeters long, becomes in a good portable lamp, even perfect to take with us along with our vehicle in case of emergency. The price is $15.

Types of LED Flashlights 2

Keychain Flashlights

Although it may seem a bulb of all life, it is not so. It’s one small LED flashlight acts as keychain, but with the appearance of a classic light bulb.

It requires a button of type LR41 battery and lights up when you press the bottom of the bulb, doing to put in operation blue LED.

Six dollars and Brando sells it on http://www.garyflashlights.com/best/keychain-flashlight/. Perhaps as a keychain is a rather silly thing, although why is les have not occurred to manufacturers with traditional way but with led bulbs?.

Types of LED Flashlights 3