Types of Shirts in Men’s Style

Shirts are the perfect choice for summer. With their help, not only will you feel comfortable and free, but will be able without much effort to create an impressive and stylish look to walk innature or exit urban environment. See which are the latest models this season and renew your wardrobe with any of them.

Types of Shirts in Men's Style

Shirt in Men’s Style

At first glance this model is not much different than the shirt on your partner. On closer inspection, however, you notice that its matter is far more gentle and pleasant to the touch. The advantage of this type of shirt that is broader and does not outline those areas of the female body that many women considered problematic. It is a favorite item of clothing for girls who are pro-casual styling. It goes great with leggings or tight jeans. It can be combined with both sneakers and sandals.

Types of Shirts in Men's Style 1

Shortened Shirt

It is extremely favorite of the ladies who fall for retro vision. It combines perfectly with jeans or trousers with a high waist. But we can not not mention that stands well against the Charleston trousers with a low waist. This model can be found in a variety of colors and prints, but it seems most current remain truncated shirts in plain colors or those with polka dots.

Types of Shirts in Men's Style 2

Shirt-style Pajamas

This type of men’s shirt is one of the latest fashion screams this season. As you might guess, this kind of shirts are striped and very reminiscent of the clothing with which you go to bed. Not everyone is ready to experiment with such a shirt, but those who have dared, feel confident, stylish and sexy in it. Shirt reminiscent of pajamas can be combined with daytime elastic jeans and sneakers in the evening is a great addition to more formal black trousers and sandaleti.

Types of Shirts in Men's Style 3

Lace Shirt

This classic shirt is one of the clothes that never go out of your closet because it gives tenderness and romance to the image of each lady. And this summer season are preferred clean models in a color that successfully combined with white or black pants and high-heeled shoes.