Types of Winter Jackets

Want to stay trendy while protecting you from the cold? Here are some ideas of winter jackets to achieve this.

1 Vintage-modern

This jacket strongly reminds us of the 70’s with subjects such as the python and suede. We therefore choose fall colors that make like the bordeaux vintage and we put on frank and straight cuts.

2 Urban-chic

Types of Winter Jackets 1

We like to dress chic jackets but we appreciate even more comfort. The mix between sports clothes and elegant materials offers the most effective compromise of the season. All your sneakers!

3 British

Classic but always much appreciated, the british style jacket stands out by its felted material, its reasons and its traditional cuts. Passed with acoat to 70’s style tiles and a pair of boots leather varnished.

  1. Country

A walk in the countryside on a rainy afternoon? Yes, but with style!We choose a nice pair of rubber boots yellow, history to play on stereotypes, associated with a modern version of the poncho with punchy colors. What better way to counter the gloom?

Types of Winter Jackets 2

5 Girly

Pink is the color key to this look. This very soft tint can be worn by touches and if you dare, total look. And enjoy the return of the babies to play the doll to the ends of the feet.

6 Glam-rock

The perfecto leather jacket emerged as the centerpiece of a rock ‘ roll. Yes, but with a touch of glamour still! A pair of glittering boots balance out all to show off dazzling on the dance floor.


There are khaki and dark blue colors of autumn headlights, which are reminiscent of those jackets from MENSJACKETSSTORE.COM. Rigid soles, flanges and rows of gold buttons also refer to military style. Gun so effectively against the cold.

Types of Winter Jackets 3