US 19 and 20 in Pennsylvania

US 19 in Pennsylvania

US 19
Get started Mount Morris
End Erie
Length 194 mi
Length 312 km
West Virginia

Mount Morris





Rose Point





According to iamaccepted, US 19 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms a north-south route through the west of the state and runs parallel to Interstate 79. The road passes through the major city of Pittsburgh. The route is 312 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Southern Pennsylvania

At the village of Mount Morris, US 19 in West Virginia enters the state from Morgantown and then parallels Interstate 79 to the north. The road passes through a wooded area with hills. There are not too many places along the way, you mainly pass through small villages. After 60 kilometers you reach the town of Washington, the largest core in southwestern Pennsylvania. It crosses US 40 and Interstate 70 here. It doesn’t take long before you reach the first suburbs of Pittsburgh. US 19 also has 2×2 lanes from Washington.


Washington has in fact already grown into the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, the corridor of US 19 and I-79 to the north is already slightly urbanized here with some small suburbs. US 19 is then an important route connecting the southern suburbs, this area lacks a radial highway or a ring road, so all traffic in this area is dependent on local streets and roads. In Bethel Park there is a large mall next to the road and closer to Pittsburgh the suburbs are more densely built, but because of the hilly area there is no grid pattern or closely spaced houses. You then pass through the center of Mount Lebanon, a somewhat older suburb. Then the road descends a bit to Interstate 279, the main highway that handles north-south traffic in Pittsburgh. The US 22 and US 30 are also crossed here. Before the Fort Pitt Tunnel, the road turns north and forms a short highway itself to the West End Bridge, a bridge over the Ohio River. The road then continues on State Route 65, a short highway to Marshall Avenue and later Perrysville Avenue, leaving the Ohio River valley and into the northern suburbs. The road winds through the hills and crosses I-279 once more. The road then opens up the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh before crossing Interstate 76 at Cranberry.

Northern Pennsylvania

North of Pittsburgh, the road again parallels I-79 and has 2×2 lanes for a while. The road then continues its route through a transition area from the flat Ohio to the Pennsylvania Hills. At the village of Rose Point, you cross US 422. The road then avoids most of the larger towns in the region, which are more to the west or east, and crosses Interstate 80 at Mercer. Shortly afterwards you cross the US 62. The area through which you pass is sloping with regular small forests. At Meadville, the US 6. joinsout of Cleveland and cross I-79 for the last time. The US 6 is then double-numbered over a distance of more than 30 kilometers. US 322 is also crossed in Meadville. The road then heads north from I-79 and at Indian Head, US 6 turns east toward Warren and Scranton. Then follow the last kilometers to the larger city of Erie. Interstate 90, where the road ends in downtown Erie on US 20.


US 19 was created in 1926. The northern terminus has always been Erie, and the route has not changed significantly in Pennsylvania since then. With the construction of the parallel Interstate 79 in Pennsylvania, the throughput decreased. I-79 was built in the 1960s and 1970s.

US 20 in Pennsylvania

US 20
Get started West Springfield
End State Line
Length 45 mi
Length 72 km


New York

According to, US 20 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms an east-west route in the far north of the state, passing Lake Erie and the town of the same name. The route is 72 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 20 at West Springfield.

At the village of West Springfield, US 20 in Ohio enters the state from Cleveland and then continues northeast, parallel to 2×2 lane Interstate 90. The road runs a short distance, but never directly along the coast of the immense Lake Erie. After about 30 kilometers you reach the city of Erie with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The road forms a 4-lane main thoroughfare through the city, primarily 26th Street. One then crosses Interstate 79 which ends 1 mile north. The road then leaves Erie and continues northeast a few miles from the shore of Lake Erie, crossing I-90 just before the New York state border. The US 20 in New Yorkthen heads on towards Buffalo.


US 20 was created in 1926. The route has not changed in Pennsylvania since then. US 20 has historically been a fairly important route, passing through the Erie region and connecting the old industrial cities of Buffalo and Cleveland. Therefore, the entire route is a divided highway. The entire I-90 opened in 1960 in two phases.

US 20 in Pennsylvania

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