What Are Disposable Facial Masks?

always knew that the Asians were cleansed in skin care, except that on my trip to Japan I discovered that it was much”worse”than I had imagined. Everywhere I went, no matter where, had shelves and more shelves of skincare products! (Seriously, folks … it’s absurd!) And one of the things I found a lot out there was the disposable facial masks, also known in the world of beauty as fiber masks or  sheet masks.

What Are Disposable Facial Masks

What are? 

Most disposable face masks are made from a material that looks like a tissue and comes soaked with some active principle that can be hyaluronic acid, green tea, pro-vitamin B5, glycerin, among others. Each has a different function:some are to moisturize, other to exfoliate, matificar, soothe the skin, reduce pores and even has a few that give effect lifting.

What Are Disposable Facial Masks 1

How to use? 

To use it is very simple! The masks already come in a format that”fits”right on the face and all you have to do is place the product on the face and wait the time determined on the packaging, which usually goes from 10 to 20 minutes. It is in this interval of time that the active principle (which as I said, vary from one mask to another) penetrates the skin to fulfill its function.

It is important to say that you do not necessarily need to wash your face after removing the mask. Our skin even takes care of absorbing the “residue”of the mask to take full advantage of the benefits of instant treatment. Now, if you bother a lot to get your skin a bit”frizzy”, it’s okay to wash your face with water … It’s totally up to you!

Minutes after taking off the mask you can already feel the skin more smooth , luscious  and smooth. Only it’s a Cinderella effect, see? That is, it will”save”your skin for a few days, but if you do not continue with yourroutine of care , your skin will definitely return to its former state.

I bought several in Japan and I can say that they work! And to tell you the truth, the cute and creative drawings they make in the masks are even better than the results themselves hahaha (as you may have noticed, I came back addicted to kawaii things!)

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Where to buy?

This sheet masks fever has been gradually conquering Brazil, but has already hit other countries such as the United States, England and Canada. To get an idea, in the USA, for example, you have Korean stores specialized only in face masks! And in stores like Sephora American you can also find several cool brands like Too Cool for School and Tony Moly.

It’s a shame that the pace here is starting to accelerate now. Apart from some really cool masks from Sephora’s own brand (Sephora cosmetics), we have almost no other option of sheet masks in Songaah. The way is to appeal to E-bay, Amazon and other sites that you deliver in Brazil or order for that your friend who went to travel to gringa. Here are some brands worth trying:

Who has ever used it? Tell me! Kisses

What Are Disposable Facial Masks 3