What are Leggings

Grand am wa rahmatoullah wa loving as my dear readers!

Today, we will address the theme of the leggings, tight or even pants.

First, let’s see the explanation of these words in the dictionary:


1-Legging (Anglo-American word): n.m. thick tights without foot.

2-Pants (Word of Italian origin): panties long legs down to the ankle.

What are Leggings3

The common point between these clothes is located in the trace of the body. That mold the body. It highlights forms of the person. It is possible seeing someone wearing this kind of garment to describe the physiognomy of the person wearing them, so guess its weight and its most intimate curves. Either this garment glue completely or at the level of the behind and thighs and widens slightly down, at different levels depending on the model. But of course, as the ‘tight’ and even the ‘push-up’ (makes your back even bigger than what it seems, mode of this year) are fashion, it doesn’t help to talk about all models of pants.

Some time ago, I was chatting with a girl on the Islamic dress and she explained to me that his sister wearing leggings. I explained to him that the leggings are not an Islamic garment as it shows the shape of the legs. She answered me with a childish response that says much about the vision of the things of adults:

‘But no it is not his legs, it’s not transparent!’

As Muslim women, some things start to become normal and are unfortunately already for many of our sisters. We live in a society of ‘mode’ and as we are weak, we adapt easily. Instead of we attach to our Islamic values, we prefer to take the step in the camp of the facility, the camp of adaptation, assimilation, integration.

So the legging, what does do?

  • it compresses all the lower body;
  • It puts forward the back, thighs, calves and ankles.
  • it sticks to the skin.

We see more sisters to wear loose clothing (or not…) above and below: a visible legging for everyone. A short skirt to the knee and a legging underneath. Or even the top of a jilbab with underneath a prominent legging. If she is wearing underneath her long skirt and it isn’t visible, there is no problem. In addition, it keeps you warm in the winter. But the problem lies in the exhibition of parts of the body, where we wonder what happened to the dear feeling of modesty to the Muslim. The legging is a ‘garment’ that makes the attractive woman. This is not a garment to outside. Even if you have the buttocks hidden by a small shirt or jacket.The legging does not, on the contrary, it makes us discover the beauty of the woman. The back may very well be hidden, thighs, calves and ankles route are visible and just as attractive.

We had already touched on the theme of “dressed and naked, long and wide. (For those who have not yet read the article, or who would like to review it, it’s here-online dressed and naked) Well, the leggings you fall into the category of dressed and naked. I simply remind you the hadith to show you the magnitude of what we minimize:

After Abu Houreira (that Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (the prayer of Allah and his blessings be upon him) said:
“There are two categories of people of hell I have not seen:
-People who have with them whips like the tails of cows with which they hit people.
-Dressed but women who are naked (1) that tip people and who consider themselves. Their heads are like camel looked bumps. They will not return to heaven and does not smell and certainly his scent feels a period of this and this.(Narrated by Muslim in sn Sahih n ° 2128)

(1) that they’re naked although they are dressed either because they wear transparent clothes, or tight clothes that show the shape of the members, or clothes that are too short and reveal what should be hidden as the top of the chest, shoulders, forearms, lower legs… This is widespread in some countries of our days.

We hope this reminder will shake us and will help us reform ourselves, we and our wardrobes.