What are the Benefits of Cycling?

The bike is not only an ecological means of transport and fun, is also one of the best ways to stay healthy and in shape. However, what are the benefits of cycling? In Our site¬†we list the benefits and believe me, it’s going to be excited to get out of your routine and get on a bike and start pedaling.

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This is one of the best cardio exercise to reduce blood cholesterol, exercising the heart daily, significantly reducing the chance of heart attack.

What are the Benefits of Cycling 1

It also helps to strengthen the muculos of your leg, so if your goal is to lose weight and tone up the body, here’s a great way to do it. If you do not have time to practice this sport, enjoy and take the bicycle to go to work or when you go shopping.

The back also benefit, because the position slightly tilted forward that takes over when you’re pedaling strengthen the muscles and bones in the lumbar zone, thus reducing the risk of hernias. However you will have to know how for the bicycle saddle on the correct height so that your posture is the most suitable for you.

Is one of the exercises that protect the knees of violent impacts, as happens in other physical activities. In cycling we train the knees, however the weight falls mostly on the bicycle seat, keeping them moving and safe.

What are the Benefits of Cycling 2

In addition to releasing stress and tension during the cycling also has the ability to reflect during the year, leaving the problems behind, at least for a while. However do not lose concentration during the pedal for safety reasons, which is a very important factor in the practice of cycling. It is essential the use of a helmet and know how to choose a bike helmet to the right for you.

Like most of the physical activities, cycling strengthens your defenses of the immune system by releasing endorphins, that will make you feel more lively, thus improving the your self-esteem and decreasing the risk of depression.

If you don’t have a bike don’t use that as an excuse, in the gym you can find activity with spinning or other static bikes. Of course, the feeling of freedom does not compare. Doing the same exercise on the street will have completely different effects on your body, disconnecting from the world to your vote and enjoying favorable feelings for your mind and body.

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