What is a Bra

All the girls do not have the breasts ‘growing’ at the same age…For some it’s to years 11-9, 10 for children. For others, it’s more around 12, 13 years old that this happens.

What is a Bra 2

And it is not always easy to see a morning start to have breasts!Especially if we have the impression that it is the only one in his class…

The first “bra” can’t so not at the same age for everyone and the questions, desires, any concerns are not the same for all.

When should I wear a bra?

The main function of a bra is to keep the breasts spreading their weight on the shoulders and back. This allows to prevent sagging of the tissues of the breast. From a point of view strictly technical or ‘medical’, below a cap A (see the explanation of the sizes a bit), the weight of the chest does not require the wearing of a bra. From a B Cup, on the other hand, it is recommended to wear a. It is all the more important that the chest is heavy and moving. We have more need of a bra when doing sport.

But we may also want to wear a bra or a bra just because want to ‘hide’ a bit his chest, because we think it’s nice to feel ‘woman’, to pretend girlfriends… It depends on each. It is important to take into account the way you feel about it, to listen to.

What is a Bra 1

What bra to choose?

There are the different bra piles: with or without lace, cotton, polyester, silk, sexy, funny, sober, headband, bins, with or without frame, for backless, with transparent straps, ‘minimizer’, ‘push up’… How to navigate this jungle?

The most important with a bra, is to be good in it: so be careful not to be trapped by the little thing in colorful lace so pretty on a magazine page or when passing in the ray but that turns to evil use cut, with lace that scratches, etc. Especially when it is in frames, and it is not used, a bra is not that there are more comfortable on Earth.

So, for a first, it is better to go, if the chest is not too heavy, for a model without reinforcement or simply for a bra – that supports anything but who dressed very well the chest.

Where to buy?

We find bras in stores of lingerie, in supermarkets, mail…

For a first ‘real’ bra, it’s really important to try it and it’s better to be well advised. Even if it’s sometimes a bit more expensive, better is to visit a lingerie shop.

What is a Bra 3

How to choose the right size?

A bra size is indicated by a number (70, 75, 80, 85, 90,…) and a letter (A, B, C, D, E, F,…).
The number refers to round back (measured under the breasts) and the letter the depth of the ‘bonnet’, i.e. the size of the breasts.
The difference between round the back and the chest-measured at the edge of breasts-gives the letter of the CAP. The Cup A corresponds to a difference of 13 cm; B CAP in a difference of 17 cm, etc. If you’re between sizes, always take the larger size, to do not risk being too tight.

Who buy it?

When the breast starts to develop, it is not yet independent. It’s still the parents or those who occupy the place of parental responsibility to clothe the child. Except that ‘the child’ is no longer really a…

Each girl lives now in its own way, according to his age, his history, his family situation… They are most often the mothers dealing with this important issue. For a mother, the BRA of her daughter may be an important moment. Some buy their daughter a bra as soon as they think that it is useful. Others have a little trouble to notice that their child is growing. And it seems sometimes complicated, when you’re a girl, to talk about this with his MOM. If it really is too much, we can then get the message through one of her friends that we know well, an aunt, a sister…

And if, regardless of the reason, can not apply to his mother, we can talk to an adult woman in which we have confidence… the first bra or for questions asked about what it is that being a woman.

You have questions and need advice for choosing your first BRA, its shape or size, do not hesitate to participate in the discussion “confused with the Cup… size.” on the FORUM!