What is a Dress

A dress is a one-piece garment of top and skirt that is the suit for a woman. A particularly-rich, long and often costly manufactured garment is referred to as Robe.

What is a Dress

The dress is in contrast to two or multipart clothing of one part only, which the torso and legs covered. The lower part of the dress is like a rock cut while the upper part can fall greatly. For example, the Hemline, the neck and the section of the sleeve can vary greatly. The prevailing notions of decency, etiquette and fashion following dresses are either equipped with sleeves in compellingly sufficient length or they are, as for example in dirndl is common, including worn with a short blouse or a tight-fitting garment. In evening gowns were also short sleeves, coupled with long gloves, usual. Depending on the temperature or the type of material dresses also is under dresses petticoat or underskirt worn.

Dresses for various occasions

What is a Dress 1

Until the beginning of the 19th century differed by Hoticle between plaster dresses and day dresses. An anomaly presented the riding habit is, which was designated in the early fashion magazines as “Amazon” or “Amazon Apparel”. In 1820 there was by the day dress, which was worn indoors and outdoors, even the “morning dress”, on which a dressing gown was worn. From 1840 the differentiation of clothes on occasions increased until about 1870 the largest bandwidth was achieved on dress forms. It so happened that a lady of high society repeatedly clothed on the day.

There was at that time the following dresses forms:

  • Promenade dress or Stadtkleid
  • Visit dress or visit toilet

What is a Dress 2

  • Afternoon dress
  • Evening dressor formal dress
  • Ball Gownor Shine dress
  • Travel dress
  • Tea gown

Around 1885 were also clothes for the new sports such as cycling or tennis.

During the 20th century, fewer and fewer occasions required an own dress; the differences between the types of clothes blurred. From the 60s remained of the above often the ball gown and Festtagskleid dedicated as a particular occasion dresses left; added was the cocktail dress. From the late 20th century dresses, a distinction is rather on the material and cut, about

What is a Dress 3

  • Sheath
  • Shirt Dress
  • Dirndl