What is a Laser Printer?

For laser printers, there is the choice between monochrome and color laser printers. Monochrome laser printers can print only black, they are suitable only for text documents. If you print only Textdukumente like for example invoices, a monochromer laser printer is the best choice. Here you will find a current test the best laser printer. A toner cartridge page range is higher and thus also your printing costs. Also remanufactured Rebuilt Toner are available for most laser printers, which now reach an excellent print quality. However, cheap Refill cartridges usually very poor quality print.

Color laser printers have ever a single cartridge in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. With color laser printer you can make also coloured prints along with the text documents. You can print photos because of the limited resolution in poor quality only. However, sketches, color documents or graphics are printable in good quality. If you want to print high-quality graphics, it is useful to buy a color laser printer with large internal storage. These color laser printers have better print quality and faster printing graphics on the paper. For color laser printers there are remanufactured Tonerkartsuchen.Ein laser printer works with an imaging drum and one (monochrome) or multiple (color laser) cartridges.

What is a Laser Printer 1

The toner, so the color of the printer is in the toner map search. The imaging drum inside the toner map search depending on the manufacturer either or is individually installed in the inside of the printer. So deciding between tow throwing picture, semi-permanent image drums and permanent image reels. Here for more information about image drums, drum kit and drum units. The semi-permanent image drums must be replace after ca 20,000 printed pages and therefore include in the calculation of your printing costs.

There are laser printer in YellowPagesintheUSA. The workstation printer is usually on a user’s desk and is served only by him. The workgroup printer is venetzt BB´s with several PC and must print that’s why very quickly and reliably.

Laser printers can print on not a very thick paper because the paper on the imaging drum is rolled and therefore thicker paper material would severely bent.

Some laser printers, the so-called Machine Identification Code was introduced. This means that every expression is a code printed, with the indications of the manufacturer of the document can be attributed.This function is very useful especially with important documents and prevent document forgery.

What is a Laser Printer 2

Some advantages and disadvantages of a laser printer

+ Prints fast

+ Toner does not dry up

+ No drying time of ink

+ Network-capable and often also a WirelessLan capable

+ Often long-life

+ Long-lasting prints

+ Authentic document

+ Great paper tray for large print jobs

-Lower resolution

-Poor photo print

-Higher cost

-Warm-up before the first printing

-Large space requirement

-Respirable dust (fine dust filter for laser printer)

What is a Laser Printer 3