What is a Leather Jacket

It is clothes that are always associated with a specific look. And which are therefore not always a very positive image. It is the case for man leather jacket…

Why the leather jacket would be limited to bikers or rebellious teenagers? Far from the ‘black jackets”of a few decades ago, leather jackets are now in true fashion accessories for men. As the famous leather is no longer necessarily black.

Leather colours

What is a Leather Jacket 1

Today, leather jacket in MensJacketsStore.com comes in multiple forms and colours. For collections autumn / winter 2012-2013, Diesel offers her example in Navy when Scotch & Soda dare outright red. Boss Orange, it’s camel leather which is put at the honor: with its wrinkled and patched appearance and returned sheep shawl collar, this latest model allows men to bet on an adventurous look.

How to wear a leather jacket?

You see, the leather jacket so can be suitable for many men. If she is perfect with jeans, it accompanies very well chino pants, especially since this one is very popular this year.

To complete your outfit, don’t overlook the Accessories: here again, the leather jacket fits with very many types of scarves, dull or even with a tie to a rebel chic.

What is a Leather Jacket 2

But be careful not to do anything: If the leather jacket is easy to wear, it must choose the right cut. As with many male garments, it is advisable to opt for a cut near the body… without being completely “stubby.” Tightened on the sleeves and waist, your jacket is the ideal tool to combine elegance and virility.

What price for a leather jacket?

Finally, last price and not the least: the price of a leather jacket. One must be aware that such a garment has a cost. Quality leather-and therefore more sustainable – is trading at a minimum of 400 euros. For some luxury models, the price may even largely exceed 1000 euros.

-If you find a jacket cheaper, this does not mean that you must pass your way, instead. Will only be in mind that life expectancy could be lower.

What is a Leather Jacket 3