What is a Thermos Cup

What is the thermos cup?

The thermos mug is a mug. Widely used in Britain, where the British do not renounce this precious object. Cup which is commonly called, travel mug and now is starting to become popular in many other countries, including Italy.

What is a Thermos Cup

What does the thermos cup?
Has almost the exact same Cup function you have at home.The same Cup where maybe take milk or where do you get the coffee cup. Only that this special vacuum flask, you can take it with you in your travels.

Thermos mug has the same identical function of a genuine thermos, nothing changes in this respect, only that it has an added bonus, you can drink it straight from the bowl. Maybe, for the Christmas season you decide to visit places like Vienna or in Italy, Milan. As you stroll among the cold streets, observing the typical Christmas decorations and sculptures, the many lights that illuminate the cities already beautiful to her, you can bring with you, mug thermos and have a nice hot tea or coffee. Any drink you want.

What is a Thermos Cup 1

Various types of travel mugs, but the only features that differentiate a thermos Cup on the other, are: the color of exterior cladding, the capacity, the presence or absence of the handle, spout (if lengthened or not) and the material with which it was built. Then, depending on your needs, you can choose the template Cup thermos that best meets your needs and your aesthetic tastes.

Thermos mug: pure drinks

Only hot drinks can be put in this special vacuum flask?

No, we took the winter sample above, but you can safely insert also cold drinks. Also in summer, you can use your travel mug, a way to fight the terrible heat of the summer months, where the Sun gives us beautiful days to pass to the sea, to go travelling and visiting places never seen before.

What is a Thermos Cup 2

Are you going to visit Sicily? A beautiful island that summer is certainly one of the most popular destinations for tourists?

Rather than the sea, would you like to go and visit historical places? For example, the Valley of temples in Agrigento?

The Valley of the temples, renowned for being one of the places to go, absolutely, if you go to Sicily on holiday. Go to the Valley, however, does take quite a bit of walking Street, under the blazing sun (summer) so what better relief than a refreshing cold drink, contained in your thermos Cup?

Always carry a refreshing, so the travel mug is small, the CAP is dripless and not risk putting the Cup in your bag or backpack, that fluid can ruin souvenirs or whatnot.

What is a Thermos Cup 3

Travel mug: how much does it cost?

The price doesn’t have to worry, because the travel mug is cheap. You will not have bad surprises, I assure you. You just choose the desired and preferred design capacity, and after you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your mug thermos. The easiest and quickest way to enjoy a drink, hot or cold it is.