What is a USB Hub?

It’s a USB hub. The hub, or “hub”, adds USB ports on a computer that is missing. For this, the hub has a male USB plug into a USB port of the computer. Then its sockets (identical to those of the PC) host devices (mouse, webcam, for example) that it is desired to connect via USB to PC. Un USB hub thus has four to seven sockets. For electric power history, difficult to do more. Indeed, it is electrically fed to the computer to which it is connected. A 3-Watt (W) that redistributes almost entirely USB devices it hosts. With seven devices simultaneously supplying 3W rarely enough.

What is a USB Hub 1

Private electricity, some devices thus refuse to work. Impossible thus connecting together a webcam (1 W), external hard mini-disc (3 W) and a DVB-T stick (1.5 W) .A less cunning! This is why some hubs are sold with an external power cable. In Eusbhubs.com, a hub can multiply USB ports up to 127, at least in theory. Because another problem: that of the flow. To communicate with the computer, the devices connected to the hub take the same pipe. They divide the flow of the original USB port of the PC. Better to book the USB ports of your computer to intensive devices energy and flow, as an external drive, a webcam or TNT key, and plug into the hub-saving devices such as mice, joystick and keyboard.

What is a USB Hub 2

Hub USB 3.0 Inateck

Since I have a Mac with USB 3.0, I’m looking for a USB 3.0 hub that works properly. And Inateck just asked me to test their USB 3.0 hub, found on Amazon for about € 25.

Inateck has the advantage of offering four ports well separated and mounted in a good way. It uses a chip Via (a classic), with a firmware newer than my hub USB 3.0 Trust, which corrects the worries of sleep, at least on my Mac.

At the level of performance, nothing to say: we reach the same performance as on the connector of the Mac with a single SSD (about 430 MB/s in the best of cases) and the bandwidth decreases when adding devices. That said, all the models I tested are effective on this point.

What is a USB Hub 3

Another good news, it comes with a power strong enough to power the four connectors: it provides 4 amps, so that each of the four ports in need of 0.9 ampere.

In the end, we have a product that works, not too expensive, good design, even if it does not actually marry with a Mac. There especially the merit to function properly, and that has no price (well, about €25).

Note that Inateck-which seems to be a subsidiary of Orico-has a Facebook page but a priori no official website in Europe. The products are mainly available on Amazon.