What is COB LED

Chips on Board-powerful diodes

COB (Chips on Board) is a technology in which semiconductor crystals diodes are mounted directly on a ceramic or aluminum substrate. The LEDs are mounted together as a lighting module. LEDs are flooded with silica gel, epoxy resin or other protective material.

What is COB LED 1

The yellow part is phosphor. Phosphor is a substance that emits the absorbed light from different sources and is clean and safe material.

What is COB LED 2

COB LEDs typically mounted directly onto suitable substrates to cool LEDs. Factors which shortens the life cycle of a diode is the temperature. Potent diodes emit a lot of heat, and their working temperature must not be more than 60-70°.

The light efficiency of the COB LED by AbbreviationFinder is between 100-120lm / W. The color is uniform.

What is COB LED 3

The efficacy of COP diode with smaller capacity is about 15% greater than the high power diodes COP. That is, the light efficiency is less when the chip is larger. Someone COP diodes have an efficiency to 249lm / W, 350mA, while others with larger sizes have an efficiency lumen to watt up to 161lm / W, 20mA.

What is COB LED 4

Optical efficiency M COB (multi-chip embedded on board)  LED is about 15% more than at COP diode. When M COB, several chips are embedded in the board. This is LED technology that combines many small chips in a large chip.