What is Dandy Style

Here, we are preparing the first cold, the first snowfall (so they say …), the first night frosts and so on and so forth. Just shorts, skirts without stockings, blouses of silk graceful and read… and know that I am very sad because of this. I love the summer began… sometimes they are easy implementation, just really a right dress, a belt, shoes and bag, and you’re done! But now it’s up imbottirci us things about things. Shirt, sweater, jacket, coat, coats: This awaits us in a few days in the opinion of meteorologists. And speaking of winter times to come, a look, or rather the mood I would say that I prefer most of all, and especially for a woman, it is the look of Dandy.

What is Dandy Style2


We begin by specifying that look Dandy is almost always (excluding special periods they had a dress code of their own), ever since at least c ‘were the couturiers and tailors to make clothes and other accessories. The style of Dandy belonged to men and consisted almost exclusively in practice in wearing few clothes but simple and basic: pants, white shirt, waistcoat, jacket and coats. The men were always so dressed (or almost!) In this manner. And among others, they were all the same. All the same outfit for all! A nightmare for us fashionistas today. Anna dello Russo would have made a Fashion Shower general right.. and quite rightly. However, the men were forced Dandy (poor things) to wear those things there, he was allowed a maximum of the stick: a touch of joy more.

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Clearly, over time, and especially with industrialization as I have already mentioned in the article dedicated to department stores, they have been created and developed new models of clothes for the boys, but meanwhile for almost a century largely to themselves. And the funny thing is that even for the children was expected the same treatment: a few leaders and stereotyped.


But back to us, to us women. I have a little ‘early, however, between the lines what constitutes a look and then an outfit by Dandy. Just move around on the body of a woman and you’re done.One of the first who reinvented the male leaders then giving him a sprinkling of femininity was our beloved Coco Chanel who used to wear their own clothes of her man (on duty!).

What is Dandy Style 2

Gradually it began to obviously pleased, so much that many women have since worn pants, shirts, jackets and trench coats. The most interesting thing is that almost always we find in trendy mood of the season and for me it’s something good and right. I personally find this way of dressing is perfect, clean and elegant and especially suitable for women who work, who need to dress up in a rigorous manner at work but who do not want to give up a touch of femininity and style.Maybe we think to combine the three canonical leaders (jacket, pants and white shirt) of the mood a few strands of pearls, a strict chignons, a lipstick color from strong and ultra feminine accessories. Then try to tell me where you see the male Dandy. And try to tell me who will not turn the neck three or four times in the office when you will go.

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