What is Fat Acceptance?

Sometimes, it’s so deep in his own little universe, that you no longer really realize that there are people out there, who have so absolutely nothing on the hat with the own favorite subject. Mostly it is always one, when on the subject of fat acceptance and plus-size fashion times something in the mainstream media.

What is Fat Acceptance

The wonderful Britta, who I met through the blog, has an article last week, about us, so their published girls, plus size, and written about, how we have helped you, to find itself again beautiful. In addition to positive feedback but unfortunately also a discussion broke out in the time again the typical cards are played: I Yes also important finds you all well to feel, but health, fitness and “You will all die!”.

I myself often enough in these discussions get overthrown, waving flags to defend my point of view, shed tears and understood at some point at the end, people who have already a Board in front of the head, would run just continue against the door frame, just not to get out, from their small box is no place for new ideas and different thoughts in the. That’s why I kept the mouth this time, however, the discussion has answered the question “why should fat Aceeptance?” stirred up in my mind and I made it clear that many people apparently actually do not understand why.

I Need Fat Acceptance…

What is Fat Acceptance 1

…Weil I think it is common that outsiders of them assume that I just take off oversized garments, because it is unfair that people who don’t know me think that I must find my body awful or probably hate him and want to change. Because I’ll be getting the assessing as unhealthy, even though a thin friend next to me has worse blood, just as slow running, or twice as much eats burgers like I. Because everyone thinks he has the right to judge me, me to condemn me to draw attention to, that I am unhealthy/lazy/ugly. Because people on the street turn around and giggle, point the finger at me. Since years I was afraid to eat in public. Because you sometimes weeping in bed, after again someone “has slammed” and waiting that the predicted heart attack could occur every second even though you know that you are very healthy. Because people tell me that they find me brave because people’s great find that I can get to my body. Because no one dares to say fat . Because thin people do not understand how privileged they are only due to their weight.Because I have just like every other human being the right to say “I’m happy,” without someone a “but…” it depends on. Because my body can breathe, walk, carry me through the world, and yet everyone thinks that he is not good enough.Because fat people not in love.

What is Fat Acceptance 2

There are so many reasons, “because” so much and still is all some people can say “but that doesn’t change the fact that being overweight is unhealthy, and if you’re first, you will regret what you’re saying now!”. When I hear such an argument, I can shake only with the head. Even if it was so true, and every fat person automatically unhealthier is than his thin counterpart, changes nothing to the fact that all the above mentioned things are still important. Just because my lifestyle is unhealthy, is not overridden, that I can be happy. That it’s degrading when foreign or even worse, not foreign people make fun of me. Of them, he is how incredibly stupid to read the health of people only on its appearance, does not even start. It isn’t here, to explain something for better or worse, it of not about “glorifying obesity” as some so beautiful say it, well if we are honest, it sometimes but it goes but why also not? Being thin, diets and fitness to a degree, the also unhealthy and Körperschädigend is, but also glorifies, every day, in every medium…, but I lose the thread here. What about a a medium-thin, is that a fat body exactly has the same privilege here to be like a thinner, a thicker due to health reasons, a broken, a healer, “nice” or an ugly.

What is Fat Acceptance 3

As A Fat Man, It Is Unacceptable For Many Other People.
It doesn’t fit into your worldview, or everyday that my fat body is the space, which he is entitled to. That I’m the right me too small as I want to eat what I want, and perhaps so to live that I make me worry about consequences. And the eyes must be opened finally these people for their own intolerance. Because even a well-intentioned “but thinks it’s your health” cases on its in-depth knowledge of the real state of health of the people is based solely on prejudice against fat bodies, and in the least.