What is Gear Reserve Watch?

Right watchmakers know, of course, when the question is in the room, which means accuracy and gear reserve exactly mean now. A bit you can derive it from the word. But if you sit so in the circle of friends and ask such questions, because you finally work in the industry, you realize that there are still one or the other gap to close. Now I have gotten the question about the accuracy of the gear and the reserve on the part of our customers or friends, and will now light the darkness. As the name implies, the accuracy of a watch describes the precision of a watch. There are guidelines which deviations may be present and this varies from type to type.

What is Gear Reserve Watch 1

Gauge accuracy describes the deviation of a certain standard within a fixed period. In today’s world, the accuracy of watches is of great importance, so that the most diverse technical processes work synchronously. (Networks, data protection, air traffic). In the case of quartz clocks, one can assume a gear accuracy of +/- 30 seconds per month and should therefore also be synchronized regularly. Automatic watches, on the other hand, have an accuracy of +/- 30 seconds a day. The atomic clock has a gait accuracy of about a second deviation in 30 million years.

What is Gear Reserve Watch 2

The term “reserve” is the period during which a watch runs without having to be reared. The gear reserve indicator describes the remaining time until a mechanical watch is stopped and provides information on when a watch should be re-mounted. This is measured by the difference in the total number of revolutions of the mainspring relative to the instantaneous number of revolutions. As soon as the spring loses power, it is indicated that an elevator is required. The first gear reserve display of a watch was introduced in 1933 and originated from Breguet. From a technical point of view, this ad is a real challenge. Ideally, it works evenly and steadily, without jerking.

What is Gear Reserve Watch 3

The angular movement, which it carries out, always takes place at the same distance. These ads are mainly found in mechanical watches.It is especially useful for watches with hand elevators when the wearer should turn the crown or place the watch on a watch winder overnight. Even with automatic watches the gear reserve has not only an aesthetic reason, but also a benefit. Other bracelet watches with LED screen from CentralLEDWatch.com are continually applied by the arm movement, but various factors such as air pressure, temperature, or the individual wear have an influence on the rotor that controls the pull-up mechanism. Due average gear reserve at 15 hours to a week.